ASEA-What is Glutathione?
Glutathione Is The Master Anti-Oxidants In Your Body Protecting Your Cells. 

Listen to: Doctors Talking About The Science Of Redox Signaling Molecules
Dr. Rob Ward,  M.D. FAAFP  – Chairman Board Certified Family Physician
30+ Years Clinical Practice, Kentucky
Functional Medicine
American Society Of Addiction - Member
M.D. – University Of Illinois Abraham Lincoln School of medicine 1981
Residency Family Medicine - University of Cincinnati 1984

Karl Smith, D.C. - 21 years Chiropractic, runs University Chiropractic with a mission to help people take charge of their health.  

Clinical Research Physician Dan Hartley- DPM and clinical research director for past 21 years

The Redox Signaling Science Audio

Interview with Dr. Gary Samuelson. This Redox Signaling Science audio is an in-depth discussion on the breakthrough discoveries emerging from the science of Redox Signaling. These breakthroughs may prove to enable the most significant advances in health science within out lifetimes. 

Redox Signaling - The Muscular System and Athletic Performance

By Coachlucille

Click the Play button below to listen to Dr. Gary Samuelson, Atomic Medical Physicist, discuss Redox Signaling and the Muscular System and Athletic Performance


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