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Yesterday I worked out three times with my clients and track kids, at the age of 61 you would think that I would be sore this morning but I wasn't. I took the initiative to take a few more ounces of ASEA to see how I would feel. Not only was I concern about the soreness I was also fighting a sore throat and sniffles which have subsided. After being on ASEA now almost five years it still works and amazes me as I slow down the aging process. Don't take my word, listen to the science of this video, it proves everything I have been saying. Keep working out and I'll see you at the track.  NEW!

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Dermatest Study: Renu 28 Product Improves Cellulite Appearance
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Posted on 9/24/2015
ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, announced findings from a skin study conducted by leading dermatological research institute Dermatest. The study showed that RENU 28® skin gel effectively improves the appearance of cellulite as a result of the reduction of the size of adipose lobules. Lab test showed significant improvement in skin elasticity.
30 females aged 18 or older who had cellulite used RENU 28 twice a day for a 12 week period. In the cellulite test area the women rubbed  Renu 28 into their thighs for 30 seconds to a minute each application. The use of ultrasound measurement showed improvement in the thickness and density of the skin. The measurements were performed in the same position and at the same sites before and after the 12 week in-use-period. The participants experienced a reduction of 15.81 percent in the appearance of cellulite, with the reduction in size of adipose lobules after the application period of 12 weeks.
"While other treatments for cellulite employ inflammation and the use of fillers for a temporary effect, RENU 28 works with the body's natural cellular communication to actually reduce the adipose lobules," said Charles F. Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer.
In the second test area, RENU 28 showed an increase in both the elasticity and hydration of the skin, both of which result in improved function and appearance of the skin. After the 12 weeks, researchers used a Cutometer sensor to measure the results and saw that the participants had an increase of 20.91 percent in skin elasticity. This is important given that with age, our skin loses its elasticity, or ability to bounce back to shape upon stretch, which results in the appearance of wrinkles.
"RENU 28 is active in redox signaling molecules that can be applied directly onto the skin to improve and revitalize it at the cellular level from the outside in," said Dr. Karen Stolman, M.D. a board certified dermatologist. "These studies further validate the essential benefits of cellular health."
The study was conducted by researchers from the Dermatest GmbH Institute for Reliable Results.
Other information on Renu 28
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Renu 28 Cellular Health For Your Skin

Renu 28 dermatologist tested is specifically designed to work in synergy with your body's natural renewal process to improve your skin appearance in wrinkles depth, increase skin elasticity, smoothness, moisture while promoting healthy youthful looking skin. Watch as we explain more about Renu 28 and it's results. 

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Skin rejuvenation with Renu 28. Renu 28 get deep into the cells to heal fast. Redox signaling molecules is foundation to your cellular balance, cellular homeostasis.  

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Skin is healthier, age spots and blemishes gone, scars gone and skin is softer with less wrinkles

Greeting From Coach Lucille Fitness Instructor

Asea just introduced a Redox Signaling Molecules concentrated gel product containing only 4 ingredients that is creating positive results in a matter of days!
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Dermatest, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, gave RENU 28 its coveted 5-star clinically tested seal.
In clinical trials, twenty women used RENU 28 for 28 days. In addition to standard dermatological tests, digital scans were made of individual features such as wrinkles and skin texture. The results were amazing.

- Average decrease in eye wrinkle depth of 21%
- Improvement in overall wrinkles of 23%
- Improvement in facial skin texture of 22%
- Increase of 23% in the smoothness of skin
- 20% increase in elasticity
- Skin moisture showed an average increase of 11%
- As with regular ASEA, RENU 28 is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is non-comedogenic (does not plug pores).

Since this product works on a cellular basis, we are seeing many astounding results in addition to the above from people using it. Here are a few examples from actual people who were able to buy the product at our convention last week.


The above photos have not been altered in any way and the results happened very quickly. To find out more about this product Click Here.
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 American Health Journal Reports on ASEA

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Cellular Health Benefits, ASEA Product Specific Claims


The Most Powerful Claims You Can Use

The ASEA brand is more than our logo; it’s more than an ad. It’s all of us together, sending a consistent message to our public. We are, after all, what we represent ourselves to be, and the stronger our message, the stronger our brand. One way to protect the brand is to be sure all claims are aligned with the ASEA message.

An approved claim avoids making any curative statements, but it can still provide power-packed facts. Here are all the claims you can make:


• ASEA is the only stable perfectly balanced mixture of reactive molecules that exist outside of the body.
• ASEA is based on more than 16 years of research, making it a safe and natural way to help your body function as it should.• The components in ASEA are native to the body and consistent with its natural chemical balance.

• ASEA increases the effectiveness of the body’s most important natural antioxidants by over 500%.
• ASEA supports immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage.

• ASEA accelerates the body’ production of its own natural antioxidants, like glutathione, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and catalase.
• ASEA is the only product that delivers the balanced foundation that every person must have to allow their body and immune system to function at its optimal level.

• ASEA simply contains the raw materials that our body and our immune system need to help support our overall health and wellbeing.

Reactive Molecules-Specific Claims
• Antioxidants are incapable of fighting free radicals without the help of reactive molecules.

• The reactive molecules in ASEA are produced by a complex proprietary electrochemical process that reduces and oxidizes the base saline solution, resulting in an equilibrium of several known reactive molecules.

• These reactive molecules are the same as those that are naturally produced inside of living cells and have been successfully measured over the last 30 years by the use of certain fluorescent dyes that act as indicators.

• Verification of the reactive molecules in ASEA is done regularly by utilizing three of these same standard fluorescent indicators, namely R-phycoerythrin (RPE), aminophenyl fluorescein (APF) and hydroxyphenyl fluorescein (HPF).

ASEA Clinical Studies• ASEA is safe for ingestion and exhibits zero toxicity, based on standard safety biomarkers.

• Athletic endurance, as measured by time to ventilatory threshold and time to VO2max , is significantly increased by more than 10% on average.
• ASEA helps speed recovery after athletic exertion.

ASEA Claims Supported by Research Institutions• ASEA increases antioxidant efficiency of glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) inside living cells more than 500%.

• ASEA significantly stimulates the production of the master antioxidants inside the cells without causing an inflammatory response.

• ASEA significantly increases the efficiency of communication signals between cells, those involved in cell damage detection, cell repair, and cell replacement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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The science of ASEA. Watch a seven minute video that explain the science of Redox Signaling Molecules=ASEA. ASEA is a cellular support product that will activate your immune system and natural anti-oxidant such as superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase to help keep these cells cleaned up and running at a efficient level.

A young girls had a severe condition that doctors did not have an answer to.  ASEA is helping the body cellular system balance and work more efficiently.

 Listen to the mother tell the story about Ella on this audio.  Cuc5oct26

Listen to doctors talk about ASEA

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Athletes are experiencing longer workouts and faster recoveries!


The breakthrough research highlighted in ASEA Frontiers: Metabolites indicates that drinking ASEA water mobilized fuel from fat stores in the athletes. That’s great, because more energy is packed into fatty tissue (by weight) than any other fuel source in the body. With equal amounts of carbohydrates, glycogen, and fatty acids, you could jog 30 minutes on carbohydrates, 3-4 hours on glycogen, but 60-80 hours on fatty acids!

Test  Was Conducted With a Double Blind Study from
Dr.  David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM
Professor of Health Sciences,
Appalachian State University

Click on the video and watch the North Carolina Research laboratories scientists talk about their double blind study on ASEA!

Click here to listen to Dr. David C. Nieman; video at the second Annual Convention showing Double Blind Study Results. 

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Aging - Redox Signaling Molecules With ASEA

Live Younger Longer with ASEA!

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ASEA'S salt and water supercharger
R. Cunningham
What if there was a substance that you could take as needed that was undetectable, UCI legal, would boost your performance on the bike-and was good for your body? Would you be interested? Yeah, I was pretty skeptical when I heard that line, too. The product is called Asea, and it was originally formulated as an immune booster to ward off the effects of aging. During testing, however, athletes discovered that the stuff, which smells and tastes a bit like YMCA pool water, significantly boosted their recovery rates and allowed them to stay closer to their anaerobic threshold for extended periods.

So, the Asea folks spent the bucks for some independent tests on endurance athletes and discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing the stuff for three months, I'd have to agree with them. We could pedal harder longer and recover from repeated, 100-percent efforts in ridiculously short intervals. The word "recovery" is the operative in the Asea equation.

Recovery is the key to athletic performance. When we think about gaining strength, most often we obsess on the initials phase of training. We talk about tearing down our bodies, entering the pain cave or going  anaerobic. Basically, we stress our body beyond rational limits in the vain hope that somewhere down the line, its internal recovery mechanism will respond by rebuilding the cells that we nearly destroyed into a stronger, more efficient configuration.

Glamorous as the no-pain-no-gain image is, however, athletic performance is far more dependent upon the body's ability to recover, and getting enough sleep is only part of the process. Complete recovery depends upon proper cell function. During or after a ride, millions of cells are communicating with each other and begging for much needed supplies, sending out crews to patch up damage and recycling the dead and wounded. When the body's recovery mechanism keeps pace, we ride strong and aren't dogged by soreness and pain. When we exceed its limitations, we suffer along with our cells.

Asea's ingredients are listed as sodium and chloride, which suggest that a bottle of Asea is basically salt and water. Combined, sodium-chloride is simple salt, but when the two molecules are isolated, they are highly reactive (read "poisonous"). Inside the body, however, the mitochondrion in each cell produce special sodium and chloride molecules, which function as messengers that signal the various healing, defense and regenerative mechanisms, and they also facilitate communication between cells.

The process is called "redox signaling," which refers to matched pairs of reactive molecules (molecules with an unbalanced electronic charge). One molecules is a redundant; the other is an oxidant-thus the term redox. What these guys do for athletes is sound the alarm when our efforts throw our muscle cells into oxidative stress, and then they direct blood flow and regenerative microbes directly to where they are most needed.
When the redox messengers are out of balance or exist in large numbers than necessary, they are converted into PH-balanced saltwater by antioxidant microbes. The beauty of redox signaling is that, instead of using an  invasive drug to force the body to respond in a certain way, we introduce safe levels of nanoparticles to the cells that signal the body to safely heal itself.

The scientist who invented Asea figured out how to break down sodium and chloride molecules into the same structures that our cells produce. By nature, reactive molecules attach themselves to anything with an attractive electronic charge. The trick, which is not explained, is that Asea's inventors figured out how to suspend the sodium and chloride bits so they can make it into the body without being neutralized by the digestive system on their way to cells elsewhere in the body.

When asked to run independent tests and evaluated Asea, Dr. Gary Samuelson took one whiff of the stuff, and smelling chlorine, said "no way." Samuelson has a PH.D. in atomic/medical physics and works in the health/science industry. Scientists are tragically curious, though, so Dr. Samuelson researched redox signaling and sodium-chloride at the country's top universities, and in a telephone conversation he told us that, indeed, redox signaling has become the highest priority in preventative medicine research-and that the ingredients that make salt are in the center of it all.

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 Redox Signaling Found Critical to Curbing Cell Suicide

ASEA announces that recent findings of researchers at the University of Vermont College of Medicine show that Redox Signaling molecules are crucial in the regulation of apoptosis.

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) April 03, 2012

Animals improve their health by taking ASEA!

This is one of several videos that shows how ASEA can help dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, and all types of animals. 

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PH Balance is important to your health. An easy was to understand why your diet is so important.
You want your body to be Alkaline so you eat  foods such as fruit, vegetables and you eat less animals food like ham and beef.
Natural foods that you eat will releases acid reflex in your body which keeps you from reaching for the antacid tablets.

What does Glutathione Do For You And Athletes!

Dr. Jimmy Gutman, MD - “Your life depends on glutathione." Without it, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidation, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses and cancer, and your liver would shrivel up from the
eventual accumulation of toxins. Glutathione levels also diminish as we age and many diseases normally associated with aging have been linked to glutathione deficiency. Clinical evidence links low glutathione levels to the most common illnesses of our time as well as newly emerging diseases. Because all other antioxidants depend upon the presence of glutathione to function properly, scientists call it ‘the master antioxidant’. Healthy people also benefit from elevated glutathione levels through an enhanced ability to fight off toxins, infectious disease, pre-cancerous cells and the aging process itself. 

Many world-class athletes are discovering that well-maintained glutathione levels give them the edge over their competitors, bringing greater strength and endurance, decreased recovery time from injury, less muscle pain and fatigue, and muscle-promoting activity.” The concentration of glutathione declines with age and in some age-related diseases.

Glutathione is continuously defending our body against attacks from disease, toxins, poisons, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress. Low glutathione levels are linked to diseases such as Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Atherosclerosis, pregnancy complications, male infertility and Cataracts. A Glutathione deficiency can cause a lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors, and difficulty maintaining balance. Without Glutathione our liver would soon become overwhelmed with the accumulation of toxins, resulting in organ failure and death. The level of Glutathione in our cells is predictive of how long we will live.

ASEA activates your natural Glutathione by 500%.
 Report for ASEA on Experimental Results – In Vitro 
Antioxidant Enhancement and Oxidative Stress Reduction

Verification Procedure for Reactive Molecules in ASEA™ 

Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. (Atomic and Medical Physics, University of Utah), is an independent advisor to
various companies in the health science industry, with specialties in safe, stable nonparticle structures and

redox signaling molecules, helping them build a science-based research platform for several promising emerging technologies. 

At ASEA the outcome is not just income, the outcome is to become.

Ethōs noun \'e-thōs\ : the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution
Organizations, companies, and families are distinguished by their ethos—the distinguishing spirit that differentiates them from other groups. It's the essence of their character, how they behave, and what they believe. We at ASEA take this idea seriously. In fact it's at the very core of how we live and work. We not only recognize our unique company ethos but actively promote and encourage our Associates to live by it.
Everything we do at ASEA is guided by a singular commitment to the personal development and education of our Associates. Because of this unparalleled commitment, ASEA training and meetings are totally new experiences to even the most seasoned network marketing expert.
"Never in the industry have we seen a company taking such responsibility for the personal and professional development and education of its Associates."
--Anna Gallman, Gold Executive

Belong, Become, Believe
All human beings have 3 basic needs: to belong, to become, and to believe. ASEA empowers its Associates to belong to an organization driven by principles, to become better people professionally and personally, to believe in a life-changing product. 

Video on ASEA's  Business Opportunity, The Genesis Video on the Owner of ASEA Verdis Norton and James Pack, Who uses ASEA, Video on Associates and Product


Interesting enough with my one and a half year of using Asea some of my family members still think that Asea is a fad and will go away. Research is the answer to skepticism. Some of my Associates are digging up these articles MEDICAL DISCOVERIES INC (MLSC)  the company that had ASEA before it was called ASEA (redox signaling molecule). Studies that have been done back in 1999 is part of the 16 years of extensive research that redox signaling molecules have gone through. There are over 8000 articles on the studies of redox signalling  at
Every time I speak to this one particular person he always has health problems and smoking is not helping. Smoking brings damage to your cells more than just your lungs, it bring damage to your whole circulatory system. With a back ache here, knee problem, plus a shoulder problem the healing starts with your body healing itself. Healthy shoulder cells mean a healthy shoulder, with no pain. A healthy back means healthy back cells and a healthy knee means healthy knee cells. Sure I am not a doctor but it all makes sense. If your cells are balanced and working with efficiency, than those cells that are supporting that damage area will heal faster. 
What happens to a young child. When a five year old falls down and hurts themselves they get right back up and in 5 minutes they are running around again and the next day they are fine. A teenage athlete that hurts himself or herself by twisting their ankle or straining a muscle will hurt for a 3 to 7 day where it would take 4 to 7 weeks for a 40 year old to heal. Redox Signaling molecule are the messengers of every cell in your body that are communication to tell the natural anti-oxidants to come and help heal this knee or communicate the immune system to get busy and protect the body from cold or viruses that just came into the body. Without these redox signaling molecules we are working at a lower percent of efficiency that means our cells are not balance but damaged and everything is working slower and harder. 

This is part of the aging process. With the poor diets, pollutes that we breath, exercise, damage skin from the sun, scraps, burns, drugs, broken bones and strained muscles it puts a lot of stress on our body so the body has to work harder to work better.

When we are born we have 100% of our redox signaling molecules, by the time we are 70 years old we are producing less redox signaling molecules, only about 10 percent. What is going on at 70, joint problems, blood pressure, heart conditions, memory going and many other things are slowing down and do not heal as fast and function as well. With ASEA (more redox signaling molecule) it will supports the cellular system to speed up the communication to heal faster and help the body work more efficiently.
 I am here to spread the word about ASEA so people can have optimum cellular health that will give them a healthier and happier lifestyle. ASEA is the only product that delivers the balanced foundation that every person must have to allow their body and immune system to function at its optimal level.
I really do not believe that I could run for the past several months running in 5 races the past 7 weeks, and keep up this pace of training 5 times a week without my ASEA.
Redox signaling molecules (ASEA) is an Anti-Aging product that will help you live younger longer! 

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

ASEA and its foundational technology are completely protected by U.S. patents 5,507,932; 5,674,537; 6,007,686; 6,117,285.

To your health,

Lucille Brasher

Lucille Brasher Blog and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These programs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your health care professional before starting this or any other health or fitness program. If you are under the age of 18, pregnant, lactating, or have any other medical condition, please consult a physician before use. 

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