2016 World Record holder in lifting the most weight doing the Dead-lift. ASEA Athlete Eddie Hall from England has broken this record three times.

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Well, Jasmine turned out to be a super runner. A little girl that started running three years ago figured out that running is really her niche, her talent, a time to express herself. Jasmine won the women's 2014 Duke City 10K  and is coming back to defend her title. At the age of  12 years old that is quit an accomplishment and the time is amazing 41:42. Jasmine has fun running and her family, coaches and friends enjoy having her around. She is a leader at Albuquerque Athletics Track Club and all the teammates work harder because she is not afraid to push herself and it shows. The club members and coaches will miss Jasmine next year when she starts to run for High School. See Jasmine results -

Attending the  2015 ASEA this past May we were privileged  to have Olympic and National Champions come speak on how ASEA is helping them in their training and performance at their sporting events.   

Breeja Larson Olympic Swimmer - Breeja was the state runner-up as a high school senior in the 100-yard breaststroke. She also lettered in softball and track and field. She competed for the Texas A&M swimming and diving team and is the current American record-holder in the 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke. She won gold in the 4X100 medley relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics. 

Other athletes that spoke at the Convention were 65-year-old Gerard Louis Robert - World Master Track Champion
Gerard, a high-level professional cyclist, first heard about ASEA Redox  Supplement from the athletes he trained with. He then poured over case studies and began using the product. He has since reached new heights in training and racing. He now recovers faster and races more often. 

Gerard Louis Robert

Dane  Rauschenberg

A Marathon Runner who ran 52 marathons, one every weekend in 2006. Dan Rauschenberg raised more than $43,000 for charity and achieved an average time of 3:21:16. Rauschenberg distributed weekly press releases during his pursuit to promote a fundraising. Dane submitted blog postings, and spoke at marathon events throughout the year, participating as a featured runner on race's websites and various blogs. 

Cody Miller - Olympic Swimmer

2016 Olympic Bronze winner  
in the Breaststroke, Gold in the 4X100 Medley Relay

Trygve Larsen World-Class Paralympic Athlete

If you don't think that you can do it listen to this Athlete's inspiring story and you will change your mind.

Zane was born with serious debilitating problems. At the age of 30, Zane could not run no more than a couple of minutes on the treadmill at the beginning of his training and could not swim but one lap. His goal was to be a Triathlon finisher! 
Zane is a Asea Athlete, ASEA is a supplement that is legal edge for competitor and recreational athletes.
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James Lawrence - 37 years old

Ironman Triathlete IRON COWBOY World Record Holder

 "To keep athletes healthy and competitive, taking the right supplements is important .  A lot of people ask me what supplements I take to keep going on my quest to participate in more and more triathlons.  As many of you know my goal for 2012 is to run 30 full Iron-man races in a single year.  And I’m training hard and heavy right now."

I’ve determined that ASEA gives me the ability to recover quickly, so I can get in some pretty important training during those weeks where before taking ASEA I was too sore to train.  Without it I would be laying on my back. The more I can train, the better athlete I become. I’m able to recover quickly, get back on my feet and just go out and kill it again.  I don’t want to be without ASEA.  I think my performance would drop.  I think I would be risking injury.  I absolutely love it. And I’m going to stay on it forever.

Athletic endurance and recovery is greatly improved by taking Asea.

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Rich Roll was nominated as one of the top 25 most fit men in the world at the age of 45 
Iron Man competitor and Vegan competed and won the EPIC 5 
Iron-man Five Hawaii Island competition in less than five days!

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