Lauren is a Personal Training client that is studying to be a Fire Fighter. Once she passes the test she will be working part-time in Washington and going to school at the University of Washington to become a physician. Lauren has been training hard too past the CPAT Fire Fighter's test. One of the test is a moving stair case with weights on her shoulders. That's where we got this idea  (step up to  lung) so she could get the feel of the same type of physical exertion. Lauren has executed this exercise for four minutes continuous moving.  She also does over all conditioning exercises to strengthen her body like reverse sit-ups, moving yoga ball squats and she can do 50 push-ups without stopping. Lauren had a trial CPAT test two times now and past the second one after working out five days a week sometime twice a day in three months. Congratulation Lauren, your on you way to  having your dreams come true. Good luck in Washington.

Lauren is doing a squat with a medicine ball where she lifts it overhead when she come up 2017. 

Samantha Rogers 
Dance Major at Cornish Collage Of The Arts in Settle, WA.
 Samantha trained with weights, medicine balls, exercise tube and body weight exercise for the past two months. Plus Samantha did yoga, danced, and ran twice a week to get herself ready for intense training in college.
Results: Samantha lost several inches all over, lost 11 1/2 pounds, and lowered her heart rate from 72 beat per minutes to 66. Samantha gained stamina and strength with a preventive program that will keep her going through out the months. I'm proud of Samantha, she will go places with her talent and hard work ethics.
Samantha Rogers 2016 


 Nivas works out five times a week. Three times a week Nivas's training consists of endurance strength with dumb-bells, medicine balls, barbells and body weight exercises. Nivas also does long distance running 2 to 3 times a week about 3 to 4 miles. Within one month Nivas has lost 10 lbs, and his resting heart rate went from 78 bpm to 66. After 4 months of training Nivas lost 25 pounds, lost several inches throughout his body and is feeling healthier, stronger, quicker and more agile when it comes to playing Cricket. Most important of all Nivas is more energetic when it comes to playing with his one year old daughter. 

Rick Contreras working at the gym doing a bench
chest press. Rick is one of my loyal clients that
has benefits with the weight lifting and body-weight
exercises. Rick has improved his golf game by hitting

the ball 50 yards further than last year. By working
out he is stronger, more flexible, more agile, and feels
younger. Rick lost several pound but lost more inches than weight as you can tell by the photos below. 
Rick Contreras Before                                                         After
1/6/16                                                                                  6/9/16

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P90 90-Day Body Transformation for Everyone

Mini Trampoline Exercise Program No. 2 Working out with the re-bounder to a variety of fun movement; jumping, running , kicking, adding arms to  the bounce so you can get a well rounded workout. This trampoline exercise routine will work your  cardio vascular system, increases lymphatic circulation, helps lose inches, burn fat, get tremendous leg strength and balance. Rebound exercise strengthens and tones every single cell in your body. Exercise level is for the beginner to intermediate, ages 5 through 80.

Please check with a qualified health Professional before using any exercise program. This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice in any case. Lucille is offering information only which is not medical advice or a remedy for any medical condition.

A Fun Mini-Trampoline Exercise Program #3 with Coach Lucille

Bounce your way into shape with the Mini-trampoline work No. 3 with Coach Lucille. This mini-trampoline exercise program will be a intermediate to advance program while jumping with dumb bells in your hands. We will be lifting one to three pound weights which will give your upper body more strength and toning. Training with barbells will also raise your heart rate (while jumping) to give you a  harder cardio vascular workout and burn more calories. Please get your healthcare practitioner approval before attempting this exercise program.

According to the doctor everyone over 40 must exercise or they will have serious health issues when you get in your 50 and 60's.

Check out several  home-fitness programs HEREBeing a Fitness coach for several years I suggest Slim in 6 for women that are starting over program and Power half hour for men and women that don't have much time.  

For a faster pace, join Shawn T. with some fun cardiovascular work

Cardio Vascular Workout, Muscle Strenght, Weight Loss

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2011 AAT XC Season Recap

2012 Cross-Country Season is from September to December

Albuquerque will be the host of the 2012 Jr. Olympic Cross-Country Nationals
Contact Carl Brasher at 505-328-0191 and get your children involved .

Mini Trampoline Exercise Program with Coach Lucille
Get a 10 minute aerobic exercise workout that will burn calories, strengthen the your whole
body. This is the first session of three series that I will introduce to you. Workout at your own
pace, start with one ten minute workout and add 2 to 5 minutes to your program as you pro-

Working out with Coach Lucille

Mini Trampoline Workout
January 7, 2012

Run with knees high
1 minute
Run with knees down (faster smaller steps)
1 minute
Run with high knees one arm pushing up at a time
1 minute
Run with High knees both arms pushing up
1 minute
Run with butt kickers (heels coming up in back)
1 minute
Run with cross arms in the front and then back
1 minute
Bounce with up-right lifts (elbows lifting up to shoulders)
1 minute
Bounce with punching forward
1 minute
Bounce with chugging (pushing hands down in front/back)
1 minute
Bouncing with R/L twist
1 minute
Bouncing with straight legs (out to side R/L)
1 minute
Bounce with stright legs both legs going out
Bouncing with straight leg forward R/L
1 minute
Bounce with straight leg coming across (abductors)
R/10X’s L10X’s 5 sets
Bounce with straight leg going back
1 minute
Bounce while making a plus
1 minute
Bounce with legs coming out in second position( add arms for waist) wacky jacks
1 minute
Bounce with a plus and the chugging arms
1 minute
Bounce while bring Rt. Leg front than side
1 minute
Bounce while bringing Lf. Leg front than side
1 minute
Run with  Rt. leg going across  than Lf going across
2 minute
Repeat exercises until you are finished with a 30 minute workout

 If you are interest in this workout and have questions please call me at 505-328-0191

Basic Rebounding Instructions
 For more information Click here 
Basic Rebounding Instructions

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