Jasmine Morales Turtle with High School Coach Chockri won the 2016 XC District Meet in Clovis NM. 
Eldorado High School Place 1st in the Boys and Girls District XC Meet for 2016

2016 3000 Meter National Masters Indoor Champion

Today is a big day. I won my first USATF  National Masters Indoor Championship in the 3000 M Run at Albuquerque New Mexico. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would be possible for me but as I was jogging to warm up I kept telling myself that I will win. I remember a positive speaker once said, it is the words that you choose to talk to yourself about is where you are going with your success. "You are what you think about" Zig Ziggler. Yesterday when I got second I was saying I will try to win and I got 2nd. See, big difference. I use to give myself permission to not let myself down and feel bad if I didn't get the place that I wanted so I would say to myself I'll do my best, especially when I wasn't in my best shape. I change my thinking and stayed with it even after being sick for a week before the race. Oh boy, I thought, I have not ran for three days but only jogged one mile the day before the race. I have no idea how this is going to play out. For one thing I knew I had fresh legs. Well, feeling good I went for it and blew out my lungs the whole way, right on the edge of slowing my pace down without slowing down, knowing I could not go any faster except the last 200 meters. Boy those girls are fast and serious. Thanks to all my family and friends that came out and supported me and encouraged me on the way through years and hours of training.  

Love the chip method, it give your lap splits:

1 Brasher, Lucille         W61 Albuquerque                    12:03.76  
         44.56 (44.56)         1:31.84 (47.28)         2:19.85 (48.01)          
       3:07.88 (48.03)         3:55.51 (47.63)         4:44.30 (48.79)          
       5:33.02 (48.72)         6:22.90 (49.88)         7:12.99 (50.09)          
       8:03.33 (50.34)         8:53.87 (50.54)         9:44.65 (50.78)          
10:34.92 (50.27)        11:23.12 (48.20)        12:03.98 (40.86) 

Lucille Brasher 1st PL in the 2016 National Indoor Championshipss
Event 3000 M
Time 12:03.76
Age-group 60-64
Runner Up Liza Recto
Lucille Brasher 2nd Pl in the 1500 M Run
Time: 5:37.04

End Of The Year 5K Race

Some people my say oh another 5K, but every time I race I set a new goal for my age, the shape I'm in or who I want to beat. It makes it more fun, challenging and you feels good about what you can accomplish. Now being 60 years old it's a big deal especially when you exceed your goal that you set. No, it doesn't always work out that way in running but I know if your believe and give it all you got, there is nothing else that make me happier about the experience. Number one reason I run is to stay healthy, number two it's fun, and number three I like the atmosphere and friends that I have gain through all these years.  Anything else is extra icing on the cake. 
This particular race is my traditional run that I do every year,  the Thanksgiving Day Run. The course is flat and fast at scenic historical Tingley Beach area starting at Kit Carson Park. This run is not like the other 5K that I've been running which are dirt trails running Cross-Country style. If you been in the 5K race lately you know that the runners fly at the beginning. I usually take off with them but people are passing me within the first 100 meters up to the first mile. If I don't take off with the crowd I lose a lot of momentum for a good run. Running the road is not good for my feet but I wanted to do it to see what kind of shape I'm in. First mile 6:40, and at the time I'm in about 40 to 45 place. Next mile I trying to look ahead where there is a runner and focus to see who I can pass and sustain my pace. One man came up on me and passed me pretty good but I kept my pace and passed him back. A girl ran upon me and kept on going, I'm not sure if I saw her again but I did pass one other girl after that girl passed me. Third mile not much was going on but towards the end the last 1K two girls came up on me. I was thinking oh-boy lets just try to stay close, I still have time to get them back. The last 300 meters I closed the gap passing with a sprint the last two turns that consist of about 200 meter. One girl was a 43 year old and the other was in her 20's. While I was coming into the finish last two turns came quickly. Without taking the time to look at my watch I finally saw the timing clock at the finish line where it said 20:55. I was thinking maybe I can get under 21 minutes but the time came quickly. Final time 21:05. Yippee! I was expecting to get a high 21 like last year. Beat last years time by 43 seconds. I was ecstatic about my time because it was the fastest I have ran since 2009. I couldn't be happier about the race except for a minor pain that has been bothering for a couple of months. Now is the time to heal and get back out there slowly because the Indoor USATF Master Nationals are coming up March 4th 2016 in Albuquerque and I would like very much to run in them. Final results at the Kit Carson Park - eight women in, 45th out of 618 finishers, 1st in my age-group 60-69, time 21:05, 6:47 per mile.  

New Mexico JO State Championship in Track & Field 

I have been blessed with a good group of Athletes that love running and are very coach-able. 
One particular runner that amazes me with his gratitude and politeness, plus hard working ethics is Alijah Chavez. Most coaches will do heavy recruiting to find a athlete like that and I constantly see swooing going on with other coaches when they congratulate and talk to him.  Alijah is basically a soccer player but with all his conditioning and high aerobic ability he can run any thing from a 800 to a 3000 meter with minimum running. During the track season I saw him about once a week except during high competition time with soccer. Towards the last two weeks before the State Meet he is still doing soccer but I had him for two times a week. Even though Alijah is a small athletes his speed and tactics in the 800 meter got him a win. Athletes that have ran races for at least a couple years have a strategy that will surprise you. Alijah likes to sit back and relax and wait the last 200 meters of the 800, but one runner thought he would try to burn him out on the third 200. Alijah went with him and then pour it on even more at the last 200 meter. Alijah had a time of 2:17 in the 800 and 5:18 in the 1500. 
I went to Heart & Sole Running Sports on Eubank and Montgomery in Albuquerque NM to listen to some elite runners training for World Championships and Olympics. Thanks for the stories of running and great training tips girls.

Michael Kulek 2014 XC All-American

NJO Cross Country 2014    When I first got to the start line I was feeling nervous and confident.  I really  thought I would be able to make All American.  However, I was very nervous  about getting a good start because there were so many kids on the line (over  300).  I also wanted to beat my rival, Jett.  Once the gun went off I started running  and got pushed back and tripped up.  I didn’t’ want to get boxed in so I decided to  go around the crowd.  After getting around the crowd, I sprinted my hardest.  I  was a little nervous about being able to catch up with Jett.  Once I caught and  passed him I felt very confident that I could beat him and place high enough for  All American.  As I came around the last curve and saw the finish line I was feeling  very excited.  I then began to sprint and was able to pass 5 people and came in  12th Place.  I was very excited to earn my second All American!  All my hard work  and extra training paid off.  Thank you Coach Lucille! 

John Smith Track Workout
John Smith is a 400 meter champion and Coach who trains Olympians and Elite Track Athletes
This is one the Athlete's favorite speed workouts. It is geared toward anyone that runs the 400 Meter run but I use this training for the 400 through 1500 meter runner. The effort put into this workout is 90 to 100% of your maximum output. After about the sixth sprint, there starts to be an oxygen dept (lactic acid) that starts setting in. This is when you need to dig deep and focus on form and pushing through. I encourage my athletes to jog in-between the interval to keep their legs loose and stretched so the next run will be easier.  It’s also a good idea to stretch the calves, Achilles, hamstrings and IT bands (hips) in-between the interval. If the athletes are in really good shape give them only 1 minute and thirty seconds rest in-between.  I use this workout toward the end of the season during championship meets. 
Warm-up: 15 to 20 minute jog, stretch, sit-ups, push-ups (2 sets of 30 reps). Drills are optional but as our track training, we always do drills two times a week. 
Workout: 110 meters, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180, 190, and 200.  Set up cones around the track every 10 meters starting at the 100 meters and have the athletes bring back the cones after completing each run. 
A good pace for a five minute miler would be starting at 17 seconds for the 100 and adding 1 to 2 seconds per 10 meters. 
Cool down: 15 minute jog with stretches
The total workout last for one hour and 30 minutes. Have fun!

Running In The 2014 New Mexico Track & Field State Championships are:
4 x 400 Meter Relay Champions-Albuquerque Athletics Track Team
Dylan  Lee, Daniel Roberts and Elijah Chavez  (not present) Lorenzen  Chase 

AAT State Champion Michael Kulek in the 1500 Meter Run
winning time of 5:26.01 / Age Group 9-10
Albuquerque Athletics Track Runner Gabriel Ball won the 9 -10 year old
State High Jump Championship 
100 Meter Runner Sasha Lucero Age 7, place 2nd with a time of 18.75
Sasha also place 3rd in the 400 meter run with a time of  1:25.94
Second place in the 4 x 400 Meter Relay (L to R) Mia Stanford, Sonia Rice,
Sarah Grenemyer, and Scarlett Peterson

Running Is An Addition That Could Be Bad For Your Health

Who would of thought that running could interfere with a families life.

Mary Cain was one one-hundredth of a second off the World Junior Record.

Watch more videos

Trail Running at the Cedro Peak Run today Sunday, January 26, 2014. I joined a new group called the Sandia Trail Runners. We met in town and then carpooled in to the thick of the woods in Sandia Mountains near Tijeras NM. 

This picture  above you can see a picnic table. A professor got permission to put this table up here so when he ran he would stop and do his studies up here. Nailed to the tree is a box and inside the box is a  book so anyone that stops can sign it saying that they were here.  This is the 4 mile marker from the road, as you can see there is still a lot of snow, ice, mud and rock around that make it challenging to go fast. At times the jogging became walking, that was OK with me, the distance was more important than the time. There were several other trails
up there so when we came up to the cross trails we would stop and the leader would explain about the course for the 45K and the 45 mile races that they are having in April. It was a fun trail, a good distance of 9.55 miles my furthest this year. 

Running Workout On Mini-Trampoline

Bad weather can challenge you to get your running workouts in. So I got out the Mini-Trampoline and some (ideas) from a friend, thanks JP. How could it be more beneficial to my training in running? I put this stretch tube that is strapped on my Omni gym around my waist and it gave some resistance for me while running on the mini-trampoline. It felt like I was actually running up a hill. It was good for my thighs, calves and I did work up a sweat. Adding three pound dumb-bells in my hands gave me a harder aerobic workout while toning and strengthening arms and shoulders.  I got in 22.09 minutes, which would put me at about 2.25 miles considering it was a somewhat hard effort workout. 

Friday, January 3, 2013
It’s my third day straight in running. I’m still getting use to running again after taking some time off so the route was short and sweet. On the left bottom corner of the picture you will see some cement, which is the top of the John B. Roberts dam. This is the beautiful sight I get to see every time AAT (Albuquerque Athletics Track) has practices or when I go for a run or hike. These are the Sandia Mountains, Sandia meaning watermelon. I have no excuses not to run when friends back east are running in 10, 12 inches of snow. After I have put in some work, it’s time to take a mental break. I throw on my running gear and take off jogging from my home. Running is so good for your head as well as your soul. There is approximately 3/4 mile on pavement before I hit the dirt trails which is so much nicer on my body. Ran my regular 4.50 miles in 38.08, starting point from my home to the half way point is up hill to the foot hills and downhill all the way back. Setting those New Year Goals are exciting, we are going to make it with great success! So happy to be a part of the Compulsive Running group, thanks for having me. Keep on running and keep on exercising! Coach Lucille 

Tuesday, January 2, 2014. I went running at one my favorite parks today, Academy Hill. It’s about 45 degrees out around 11am, no wind thank goodness. The parks perimeter is 1 mile. This is a perfect distance because I can get a drink of water every two miles which is recommend to drink every 15 minutes to stay hydrated. To keep it interesting I ran the first two miles counter clockwise, the next two clockwise, and then one counter clock, last one clockwise just. Whenever I run close to my house, which is often, there is always up and down hill climbing so this park is a little bit flatter than the foot hills but you can still feel the climb. 1/2 mile will be up hill and the other 1/2 is downhill. Here are my splits each mile: 9.04, 8.39, 8.39, 8.35, 8.25 and 8.18. During the run I like to hit a pace that is somewhat hard, I like to work at my runs but enjoy it as well. The last mile was faster but not because I pushed myself harder but I focused on posture, relaxation and lifting my knees. Total time 51.42.97, total distance six miles. I feel fantastic and amazing! Happy Running! :D

Academy Hills Park

Let’s get started right for the New Year by setting a pattern of running and exercise. It is January 1, 2014 around 2 pm, when it's the warmest time of the day around 55 degrees. I started out with just a long sleeve shirt running pants thinking that it would be appropriate dress but five minutes into the run the wind chill made the temperature much colder where my hands and ears were taking a beating. I went to the foothills the last street just east of Albuquerque and ran parallel to the mountain for about a mile then started upward for another mile. Terrain was with some sand and hard muddy areas that made the ground firm from the last snow that fell. The run was good for 34 minutes so I came into the house and finished with strengthen and toning exercise program. The best part of the workout is that it’s perfect for listening to the news on TV while I exercise.  
Exercise Equipment Needed
  • Stretch tubes with handles
  • Medicine ball
  • A total gym or Omni gym for your arms
  • Dumb bells 3 to 15 pounds depending on your level of fitness
  • Exercise Mat
  • 4 pound squishy ball
  • Water

Lucille's Workout 
Upright rows Medium Red Stretch Tube
Bicep curls 8lb Dumb bell weights
Cork screw up 8lb weights (shoulders)
Triceps O/H 8lb weight (arms)
Trunk twist 4.4 lbs medicine ball (waist and shoulders)
Outer Thighs with Tube (red medium)
On back on floor with legs bent in second, tube strapped around both feet cross tube in front of body and hold handles. Press out with legs by using the resitance 
Inner Thighs with Tube (red medium)
Lying on left side (hip) with body aligned in a straight line, strap tube around lower left leg, hold handles with left hand put right foot on tube for resistance. Lift left leg up about four or five inches off of ground. Do the same for the right side. 
R/L 70X’s
Mason Twist with green medicine ball 2KG = 4.4 lbs
Squat Press O/H 8lb weights
Backward pushups (shoulders and Triceps)
Running From Candelaria Road and Tramway Parking Lot
17.39/16.04 Total Time 33.44
Lying on back-Glut Squeeze
Lean Lift R/L 8lbs
Wall Squat with 4lb squishy ball between legs
On all 4’s bring bent leg up in back squeeze glut
R/L 50X’s
Bicycle Abs
Throw 4lb squishy ball run up then throw again
Reverse abs curl ups
Abdominal crunches
Push-ups on knees or on feet
Climb the tree (abdominal)
R/L 15X’s
Overhead under legs with squishy ball (standing with legs wider than should width).
Straight leg hip swing kicks to side on all 4’s
R/L 50X’s
 10 minutes 
Biceps Tube (red medium)
Pull back Latissimus dorsi (red medium Tube)
25X’s R/L
On all 4’s bent leg squeeze up pulse
50X’s R/L
Straight arm lift to side then front 8lbs
OMNI GYM sitting toward handles/pull towards chest
Omni Gym-lying on back/pull handles to shoulders
In/Outs Abdominals
Omni Gym-lying on back/chest press
Omni Gym-lying on stomach pull to shoulders
Total time for workout 1 hour
Have any questions, please let me know. Coach Lucille

Cross-Country Season was fun and challenging finishing up with seven 5K runs for the season. A few
AAT Athletes ran the Turkey Trek Fun Run on Thanksgiving Day. was a sunny day of 50 degrees; my friend Augusta Meyers was the announcer who made it really fun with her upbeat personality. There were 1200+ people participating to burn calories before the big meal of the day. I really appreciate this run, I have worked out on Thanksgiving Day for the past 30 years and it keeps me motivated to stay in shape. It’s time to set new fitness goals for the winter season, less running and more indoor activities.
5K Run, Running, Youth Track Team, Training, Long Distance Running
Coach Lucille, Alex, William and Wes

Running in the USATF Junior Olympic National 


July 22nd - July 28th 2013

Only qualified athletes will perform in the JO Nationals after going through a rigorous competition in the local, state, and regional meets. It starts with State where the top four participate in each event in each age-group will advance to the Regional level then from there the top five from Regional who advance to National Championships in track and field. 

Tracking or should I say Race-walking down the North Carolina A&T University Track in Greensboro, NC. Campbell Roberts and Alex Osterloh competed in the 11- 12 age-group 1500 meter Race-walking event at the JO National Championships
Campbell placed 17th overall, her very first nationals ever with a PR of  9:41.51. Alex is in the same age-group and received an All-American Award of 8th place with a PR time of 8:54.88

In The Running World

Brianna Rollins set an American record in the women’s 100 meter hurdles at the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Des Moines, Iowa on June 22, 2013. She has been named USA Track & Field’s Athlete of the Week. Brianna broke the American record that was 13 year old set by Gail Devers.

An Awesome Runner friend of mine ran the RUN WITH THE KENYAN June 2, 2013 and placed first!
Mohamed Fadil from Albuquerque
Here are the results of the race

Mary Cain running at the Portland Track Festival in the Elite 5000 meter race placing 6th overall. 
Mary Cain running  Unattached Timed 15:45.46 with a new High School Record. I believe this is her third High School Record this year.

Watch more video of Portland Track Festival 2013 on

I found this really cool web site that someone in the running group directed me towards. I put in my mileage  to track my running and to get in shape. It is a slow process with hit and miss but I am on my way to the 1/2 Marathon coming up in May 5, 2103.Run For The Zoo In Albuquerque. Today I had a breakthrough in running especially running 40 minutes longer than my best. Three months go by really fast when you are only putting in 3 or 6 hours of running or exercise a week.
Check out this - This is my three months tracking of walking running and exercise! Keep up the good work everybody and meet your goals with Strava!

  Julie Brasher running for UNM - Check out the link below and read about the Distance Medley Relay.
Photo #22 in red just handed off the baton to the second leg. Click here... Julie ran the first leg in the Distance Medley Relay
Julies ran a time of 3:40 for the lst leg (1200 meters) putting the University of New Mexico in 2nd place in The Mountain West Conference at Boise Idaho. The University of New Mexico Men's Team placed first the  first time ever in 47 years.

Bernard Lagat wins back his American Record in the 2 Mile Run at 38 years old. Milrose Indoor Track

 2-Mile (American, Canadian, and HS record, Millrose 2013)

New Mexico Don Kirby Open
2/09/13 Albuquerque Convention Center
Women 800m Run

Julie Brasher will be competing with her team mates running the Distance Medley Relay running the 1200m leg.

Julie is the second UNM runner in red, she ran a 800 meter Run

Armagh Road Race 
3K Competition in Ireland 
On Thursday February 14th. Team USA sent a squad there to compete, and it featured a few New England runners. 
Position, Name, Team, Country, Category, and Time
1 Mary Cullen N. Sligo A.C. Ireland FO 9:07.88
2 Ava Hutchinson Dundrum South Dublin A.C. Ireland FO 9:16.96
3 Kerry Harty Newcastle A.C. Ireland FO 9:27.09
4 Rachel Bamford Otley A.C. England FO 9:30.55
5 Mary Kate Champagne USA FO 9:30.63
6 Sarah Hood Tipton Harriers England FO 9:32.66
7 Ellie Stevens Loughborough University England FO 9:41.08
8 Claire Duck Leeds City England FO 9:42.33
9 Sophie Whiteside Liverpool A.C. England FO 9:47.90
10 Briege Connolly N. Belfast Harriers FO 9:51.38
11 Maria Barrett Liverpool A.C. England FO 9:53.83

Running, Track, Indoor Track, Collegiate Sports, UNM Track & Field

Julie Brasher (my daughter) took second place in the 800 meters at the Lumberjack Team Challenge for the University of New Mexico. Her time was 2:17.80 adjusted altitude time.
Check out the Final Result!

Freshmen Pace Lobo Track at Lumberjack Team Challenge 

Crash Training for the 1 Mile Run
At my age most people would run just for fitness and health. My friends at the track meet, which are ex-runners, say to me at least you’re still running. Many ex-runners are either officiating or volunteering their time for a track meet called the Great Southwest Classic Corporate Indoor Meet. The meet was held today February 16, 2013 at the Albuquerque Convention Center downtown. Several teams were entered with an average of 5 people entered in each event. They had every event from the 60 meter dash to the 1 mile run for age’s 21 through 70+. The winner could be a fast 60 year old or a fast 30 year old; we were all there for fitness, friendship and fun. The competition was between corporations where they would award team trophy for a small company and a team trophy to large companies like Verizon. The Great Southwest Classic was very generous presenting with big hardware cups for the team trophies.

I ran the mile that day having high expectation to do well. I don’t know why because I have only been training for the past month mainly just getting into shape. The past 12 days has been a crash course to get my speed up, it’s a wonder I did not get injured. I got to the meet about an hour early to warm-up slowly just jogging a very slow pace to get those muscles warm. The last 1/2 an hour was drills, restroom, talking to people, stretching,  and a few strides to get my speed up. Here we are at one of the fastest indoor track in the nation; my very first time running on the track. There were only three contenders that showed up for the race but really seven people that signed up. The gun went off and I took off in the lead thinking that it wasn’t really that fast of a start. We came across the first lap in 45 second which is a 200 meter track. The pace was my goal pace but at the 200 meter mark one person past me. I didn’t think  I could keep her pace so I went my pace. Not really knowing what kind of shape I really was in for the mile at the end I felt I did pretty good. My last lap was 45 seconds. If I had 50 meter left after the finish line I believe I could of caught the person in front of me because I was gaining on her. My last lap was 45 seconds. You know you get that feeling at the end of the race that you did your very best.  I knew that I was not in my best shape so I know I can run faster. When I went to the USATF Masters Ranking Web site it turns out that I qualified for All-American Standards in the mile in 55-59 age group. The All-American Standard qualifying time for my age bracket is 7:00 for the mile. I ran my mile in 6:23:94. I was happy because I felt good about my race but I was thrilled to know that I received All-American Marks. So now all that crash training was worth it.
12 Days Crash Course Mile Training Schedule

Big training session for up coming race. After tomorrow I am going to rest for my race on Saturday. 
  •  Sunday 2/13/13 - Trail running 1 hour 6 minutes
  • Monday - 42 minutes run (5 miles)
  • Tuesday - 4 miles training with 2 X 800 meter runs and jogging
  • Wednesday - Weights, tube and medicine ball abdominal, upper torso and leg exercises
  • Thursday 2 X 200 meters, 1 X 400 m., and 1 X 200 m. with 15 minutes of jog for warm-up and cool-down
  • Friday - Mini-trampoline 32 minutes with 3 pounds hand weights
  • Saturday - 4.6 miles
  • Sunday 15 minutes jog, drills, 3 X 400, 3 X 200, 15 minute jog Cool-down
  • Monday - 35 minute trampoline with 3 lbs hand weights, sit-ups and push-ups
  • Tueday - 1 X 800 - 3:09, 5 X 200 timed 36 seconds to 40 seocnds
  • Wednesday - 6 mile run
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - 2 mile jog, 5 X 100 meter strides Drills, Cool-down
  • Satuday - 1 mile Race
Runners from all around the nation competed in the 2012 Jr. Olympic Cross-Country Nationals In Albuquerque, New Mexico

Running Cross-Country is very popular in New Mexico. This season December 8, 2012 the New Mexico USATF Association is sponsoring the Junior Olympic Cross-Country National at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque. There will be competitors all over the Nation including Hawaii and Alaska. USATF Jr. Olympic has added a new age-group to the Nationals, the Sub-Bantam age-group 7 and 8 year old.   The race distances start with  2000 meters for Sub-Bantam and go up to a 5000 meters for the Intermediates and Young Men and Women. To qualify for the meet you must run in the State/Regional Meet and qualify in each meet to advance to the Nationals. Albuquerque is having their State/Regional Meet November 17th, 2012. You must have your entries in by this coming Tuesday to compete. 

USATF will be having a spaghetti dinner the night before the meet with Opening Ceremonies.

We would like to welcome all competitors if  you are running with a team or running unattached. Good luck and have fun in your race. Click here to go the the website to sign up.

Ages 5 through 70 runs Cross-Country - Individual Top Marks For 2012 NM Cross-Country Seasons

Results for the USATF Cross-Country Masters State Championship

Running Technique Video - Usain Bolt has a running technique that everyone wants to copy.

Click here to Watch these three sisters run with perfect running form.

Circuit Training For Running And All Sports 

Perform this workout at a track where there are bleachers, grass and stairs
 (preferably a high school or stadium)

One-mile warm-up jog, and stretch. First part of the workout carry 1 to 3 pound weights in each hand

Three laps of drills: a 400 meter track

·   Race walk 100 meters
·      Jog 50 meters
·    Jog 50 meters
.   Running high knees               
·      Mach II - Same as Mach I except skipping with Rt kick the left kick    
·   Skipping knee lifts 50                
 ·    Jog 50 meters
·   Jog 50 meters
·     Straight leg lifts 50 meters
·  Butt kickers 50 meters
·     Jog 50 meters
·  Jog 50 meter
·     Lunges R/L 50 meters
·  Running high knees 50 meters
·     Jog 50 meters
·  Jog 50 meters
·     Side lunges (inner thighs) 50 meters
· Mach I 50 meters
·     Jog 50 meter
·     Karaoke Rt side then LF 50 meters

First set total distance ¾ mile

 Second Sets Of Exercises Without Weights
·        Run up a  hill for 40 meters fast and hard                  jog down 10X’s (800 meters total)
·        jog 400 meters
·        50 bicycle abdominals & 40 backward push-ups
·        jog 400 meters
·        20 step ups on bleachers with Rt leg kick left leg out to 2nd 
        20 X’s  Lf side, do the same
·        jog 400 meters
·        40 X’s wall pushups
·      Jog 400 meters
·      Hip raises (on the grass lying on the right hip with body lined up in a straight lie from your feet to your head)    lift hips up to shoulder height and lower without touching the ground, 15X’s Rt side, 15X’s Lf side
·        Jog 800 meters
·        Stretch for 5 minutes
Total distance for second set - 2 mile

5K Running Fartlek Workout 

Workout at a track - Warm-up: Jog a mile, stretch for 5-7 minutes, 25 sit-ups and 25 push-ups
  1. Run a 100 meters, Jog 100 meters
  2. Run a 200 meters, Jog 100 meters
  3. Run 300 meters, Jog 100 meters  
  • Repeat this set three times 
  • After the third set rest for two minutes than do two more sets
  • Train (run) at a 75 to 85% effort, jog at a slow trot
  • Cool-down - jog 1 mile, stretch for 5-7 minutes
  • This is a five mile workout, 1hour total
  • Excellent speed, strength and endurance training
  • Drink plenty of water, what ever your body weight is divide it by two and drink that many ounces per day
  •       Drink a recovery drink

    Do you like to RUN or Walk, Jump or Throw?

    Albuquerque Athletics Track running club is looking for people like you (ages 5-18) for the 2012 Cross-Country  season.
    AAT competes in USA Track & Field Youth (Junior Olympics) meets. We run at the local, state, regional, and national competitions, in both track & field and cross-country. From 1998-2012: AAT athletes compete from grade school to college and have earned individual and team USA Track & Field All-American awards and National Championships. 

    In 2003 the National Junior Olympic Cross-Country meet was held in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Athletic Track Team had the largest team in the Nation competing in every age group. 

    This year 2012, the USA Track & Field National Junior Olympic Cross-Country meet will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our goal (AAT) is to repeat that standard and get as many athletes involve to experience the thrill of once in a life time, National competition. 

    Come Join Us!Registration Form can be found at our website and brought to the first practice (Monday, August 27, 2012) at John B. Roberts Dam.
    Practice: M/W/F 5:30 to 6:30 pm
    If you miss registration, come by any practice. If you like what you see, you can register then, but don't wait too long! We maintain a family atmosphere we encourage parents to work out.

    The Cross-Country season starts at  the end of August and runs through the first week of December.. Running events include 2K, 3K, 4K, and 5K.. AAT also competes in Track and Field in the Spring starting in March..

    For more Information contact, Coach Carl at 505 328-3835
    Email or visit our website,

    Make 2012 the year you compete in the USATF Junior Olympics! 

The Albuquerque Athletics Track Team competed in the Run for the Zoo 5K breaking Personal Records
Age Group
Overall Place
Place In Age-Group
Ester Beck
Ava Miller
Jasmine Turtle-Morales
Kayla Beck
Miles Beck
7 & under
Nathan Roberts
Katon Luaces
Abran Miller 
Lucille Brasher

Lucas Jepsen

Lucas runs for the Albuquerque Athletics Track Team (wearing a turquoise jersey and a black hat) the practices are at the Bear Canyon Arroyo during Cross-Country season.. Lucas is 11 years old and attends SY Jackson Elementary School. Lucas is the 2010 Youth National Champions in the 1500 and 800 meters and is very excited about the 2012 track and field season.
2012 Cross-Country Season Lucas ended with a bang finishing 21st in the 11-12 age group for the JO Nationals held here at the Albuquerque International Balloon Park. This was an out standing finish for him considering not running or playing soccer during the spring and summer season. Here are results of the age group Junior Olympics X-Country Nationals Championships.

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