September 20, 2018

Living Younger Longer Starts From The Cellular Level

The Doctors are showing the lab results with mice on age reversal, starting with the mitochondria.

Through the studies of Asea, Asea supplement drink works at the cellular level keeping those cells in check to work at their optimum level. Asea drink is the replicate liquid solution that comes from your mitochondria. Aging puts a strain on the efficiency of the mitochondria. Asea gives back  to balances the cells so everything works more efficiently, slowing the aging cycle.

September 27, 2017

I Was A Stick But Now I Look Strong!

Lauren is a Personal Training client of mine, that is studying to be a Fire Fighter. Once she passes the test she will be working part-time in Washington and going to school at the University of Washington to become a physician. Lauren has been training hard too past the CPAT Fire Fighter's test. One of the test is a moving stair case with weights on her shoulders. That's where we got this idea (step up to step down into lung) so she could get the feel of this type of physical exertion and coordination. Lauren has executed this exercise for four minutes continuous moving.  She also does over all conditioning exercises to strengthen her body like reverse sit-ups, moving yoga ball squats and she can do 50 push-ups without stopping. Lauren had a trial CPAT test two times now and past the second one after working out six days a week sometime twice a day in six months. Within her training we did strength endurance training days, doing several reps with lighter weights than harder days where she did less reps heavier weights. Then we had days where she did HIIT to work on her Cardio Vascular plus muscle building and endurance. We had her doing cross training to keep it fun and interesting for her.  She gained 11 pound and gained 10 inches in her hips. She also gain inches overall from building muscle. 
Congratulation Lauren, your on you way to having your dreams come true. Good luck in Washington.
Step up with Weights Working On Legs 

Squat Off Of Step With Lung For Gluts

Reverse Sit-ups For Lower ABS

Squat With 10# Medicine Ball Coming Up With Ball Overhead With Glut Squeeze
Yoga Stretch For Cool Down Exercises

April 22, 2017

Kasha-Katuwe - Tent Rock in New Mexico

Ahh! Excellent hiking and a breath taking, memorized beauty at Tent Rock National Monument. Tent rock is in-between Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico in this little Indian town near Pena Blanca town and Cochiti Town and lake.  The hike is a intermediate to hard with the top trails being a little steep. There are places that you use your hand to climb up rock. I saw all kind of people climbing it from small children to the seniors. It make it nice because it is a 1/2 hour all the way up and then if you want to go and to the lower trail it is 15 minute loop. So a good 1 1/2 hour it would take you to finish. I would like to run parts of it but I went at a time when it was crowded on a Saturday morning. The monument took 7 million years to develop through volcanic eruption to flooding and wind and rain development. Some of the small peaks had little boulders on top of them looked like if you through a rock up there and hit it, it would come tumbling down.  Years ago the pueblo lived in the pumice rock where they dug big holes in the side of the rock that looked like caves.  

March 27, 2017


How do you pick up the pieces, or they say get back on the horse after being away from racing (competition) for a while, well just like Nike would say, just do it. The last time I raced was November at the Thanksgiving Day Run, running the 5K. I was in great shape and did a lot of cross-country races in the 5 and 10K during the fall including the Duke City 10K. I also ran in the Masters Indoor Races that were held in Albuquerque. But when I came down with that dreadful shingles the enthusiasm dropped tremendously even the training when I hadn’t run for four weeks straight. You get these thought in your head that you shouldn’t push so hard, or racing or over training because the health problem, so slow down quit racing. Well here comes some races that I really enjoy being part of in the community and would like to hold my title as the overall winner in the City Senior Olympics 5 and 10K. I knew I wasn’t in that great of shape, hadn’t done anything past a six mile training session and a few intervals. The amount of miles were maybe 20 miles for two week. So I change my attitude and went their thinking that I was going to do the best that I can and run smart.
The race was in the middle of town in a safe area where there were no streets to cross except a road that entered the hotel. This course was on a bike trail along the channel, flat and fast course with a 5K out and back. Weather was at 45 degrees no wind with sunshine and clouds.
As the race started out three men took out running fast in front of me so I just let them go. Knowing my  pace I ran according to how I feel, sort of a somewhat hard pace. Through the whole race I ran tough but I ran my race (my pace) not worrying what place I was in. At the end of the 5K you stop or proceed a second time out so actually it is a 5k and 10K race in one if you signed up for it. Two of the men that beat me in the 5K stopped and the 50 year old that was way out in front of everyone was on a record time of 42 minutes for the 10K. I felt pretty good the first 5K running at a time of 24:36. I kept the pace thinking that I would try to pick it up the pace with 1 ½ miles left. At the turn around point with 1 ½ miles left there was a couple of men 30 or 40 meters behind me. It was hard but I thought I had to pick it up to beat them. To do that I focused on lifting my knees up and pumping my arms. I didn’t widen my stride because that usually tires me out so I basically think of a faster turnover. With about ½ mile left I could feel my hips hurt a little from the repetition of running. Knowing that I was almost done I pushed as hard as I could thinking someone was coming up on me. Finished, with a negative split of 24:26 just 10 second faster than the first 5K.

Advice in running a 5 or 10K, knowing what shape your in and your pace. Start slower than you normally do if your not in your best shape.  Do it for fun and think about how your going to boost that metabolism by pushing yourself at a race and how healthy it is to be with your friends and out in the fresh air exercising.  
To your health,

Coach Lucille
Chuck and Lucille winner at Senior Olympics.JPGC
Chuck Fuller and Lucille Brasher won their age-group in the 2017 City Senior Olympic Championships 5 and 10K Road Race. Lucille 24:36 5K, 49:16 10K (2nd overall)

March 13, 2017


I run three times a week with the track team AAT, lift weights and do body weight exercises three times a week, plus some stretches and yoga at the beginning and end of each session. Today was strictly yoga day so I felt that I was pretty flexible until I started the 1 1/2 hour session. Not only was the yoga program helping my balance, strength and flexibility but also I feel like it just lengthened my spine from the strain gravity puts on all of us. The first hour of yoga (Yoga X Teambeachbody), got a little strenuous working up to some advance movement, but you can modify what your working on. The important part is to try to keep going. While doing yoga exercises it got really hard where the legs were shaking and it got to be so painful I would tell myself I'll do 50 minutes worth. The last 30 minutes of the session the stretches got easier and they added some core exercises that made it nice.  Wow what a workout! I feel so good so relaxed and stretched out that I feel like I grew an extra inch. Variety is the key to a good weekly program of exercises, including Yoga X. Even if you did one hour worth it's still a great workout. Yoga X will make you schedule more balance and will help prevent injuries as well. 
I have the Track Athletes this after noon, running the dirt trails in 74 degree temperature in beautiful Albuquerque NM. It's all about getting the kids into shape and having fun coaching.  Happy exercising! Stay Healthy, Stay Fit! 

January 15, 2017

I'm Done with the pain.

Has it happen to you? I hope not. One of the worse experiences in my life. Recently I had a bout of shingles. At first I thought it was a spider bite because I didn't have a fever. Most of the time when I had spiders or bees bites, my body would react with swelling and a little pain because I am allergic. Then the pain came very mildly, I saw no need to go to the doctor. The third day came so did the pain intensity so off I go to the urgent care. I was shocked when the doctor said I had shingles and then she said it was due to having the chicken pox when I was a child. The doctor said if I had got the anti virus shot there was no guarantee that I wouldn't got shingles. So she sent me home with Anti-virus pills and pain pills with this excruciating health problem I never experienced before. I remember the doctor said that I must've had some stress going on in my life so I thought back. One day I had trained with three clients, and ran six miles that day and the night before I had minimum sleep so that must of been it plus other worries in my life. She said that all it take to be capable of getting sick, stress.
So it is 10 days into having shingles and I am feeling 60% better. I had only missed two days of work and 10 days of training so the Indoor Track & Field Nationals are out of the question if I am going to be there. So now that I can think clearer and have more ambition for the New Year I can honestly say I had a very mild case of this virus to which could've been the very worse. While I went through this I was also drinking extra ASEA to boost my immunity and putting Renu 28 on my body to relieve the pain and it made a big difference. I also feel that if I hadn't been drinking Asea on a regular basis before this all happened, the shingles wouldn't of been so mild and the recovery time was fast. ASEA and Renu 28 are not only a incredible health product but also a preventive product.
  For More Information go to ASEA GLOBALS or


November 28, 2016


Bernie a good friend of mine is a energetic 75 year old who is getting better as he is getting older. When Bernie was in his 50's he went to the doctor and they said he should change his lifestyle if he wanted to live to be 60. That was a wake up call for him so he started to exercise and became a vegetarian. Ever since I know him he practice what he teaches and was always open to alternatives to better his life and those around him. Then I introduced Bernie to ASEA!
  Being on ASEA for three years and Renu 28 (skin gel) for one year you can see the different in how healthy his skin looks (less wrinkle) and how he just look healthier over all. Bernie's resting heart rate went from 77 to 68,
Bernie at 75 years old

Bernie at 72 years old            
Bernie has been drinking Asea and using Renu 28  for three years now and is more vibrant with better mental alertness, has less aches and pains, take zero medication and still exercises and works for fun. 
To learn about ASEA and Renu 28 or Purchase ASEA go to CoachBernie's Website.

November 21, 2016

ASEA-What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the Native Master Anti-Oxidant in your body. As we age the glutathione decreases and then the cellular system deteriorates which causes all kinds of degenerative diseases. To prevent these health issues from happening Asea supplement activates your glutathione by 500 to 800% which keep your cellular system balanced functioning at a optimum performance. Feel better and have good health by correcting those cells with ASEA.

Anti-Aging, More Energy, Feel Young, Better Sleep, Relieves Joint Aches and Pains, Great Recovery after Workout, More Endurance, Healthy Skin, Mental Focus, and Feel Better Over All.

November 06, 2016

2016 New Mexico State Cross-Country Championships

Congratulations to my Athletes that competed in the State Cross-Country Championships in Jemez NM. We had two Boys Teams, one for the 8 and Under age-group and one for the 9-10 age-group. Both won the team title with the 8 and under winning by six points, placing in the top 11 places out of 50 runners. With the 9 and 10 year old's, we won by one point, placing our top 5 runners in the top 33 places out of 66 runners.
It was touch and go with the 9-10 year old's when at the start two of my athletes got knocked down ending up in last place for the first 200 meters. Those two runners moved up in the pack quite a bit but honestly it didn't look like it was enough. It only takes one place to win by one point and we did. These runners deserve a big congratulations considering 1/2 of them are new to long distance running.
A huge effort to the 4th and 5th runners on our team that picked up the pieces for those veteran athletes that couldn't be there for fighting for AAT (Albuquerque Athlete's Track),
Plus more runners and more team show up at State that we didn't see at the fundamental meets.
Boys Age 8 and Under State Champs2nd place Tesfaye Femling, 6th Daniel Beers, 8th Ronny Yassin, 9th Israel Femling, 11th Lewi Femling, 22nmd Mason Dean

Boys 9-10 year old's State Champs 
4th place William Fetz, 8th place Eneas Armijo, 11th place Cole Bettis, 8th place Owen Wagner, 33rd place Calvin Goodkind, 35th place Nikko Mihan, 36th place Eyob Femling

September 19, 2016

What If There Is A Dance Program That You Can Do

at home to lose weight and have fun! Line dancing is dear to my heart. I have been doing it for more than a year now and enjoy dancing to Country Heat Dance Program at home when I can't get away. Sooo much fun and this program helps me lose weight and stay toned.


July 18, 2016


My friends have encourage me to compete in a real race, the USATF Master Nationals Championships that were held in Michigan at the same time as the State Senior Olympics in Roswell, New Mexico just last week, but I chose to go to Roswell races because of time schedule and cost of events. But, anywhere you go there is always a challenge trying to get a PR's (personal records), breaking records and possibly qualifying for the National meet for next year in the Senior Olympics at Birmingham Alabama. So away I go to Roswell and I’m glad I did. The day of the meet was perfect weather of 75 degrees, 6 am in the morning, lower altitude than Albuquerque at 3600 feet and just two days there to compete back to back events in the 10K and 5K road race. The race was pleasant, running along a park and golf course on a windy bike trail with hardly any altitude change except maybe 75 feet. While running the 10K we came up on the turnaround, there must've been three people on my tail (according to the competitor conversation after the race) is where I separated from them. The halfway point time was 22:55, I was very excited about that considering it was a faster split than my city 10K. I finished my race in 45:34, running my second half of the race with a negative split (36 seconds faster). With this time it put me in first place in my age-group with a new state record. I also place 3rd overall. Next day is the 5K. I got a little better sleep the night before but not enough so didn’t know how this was going to pan out for the race. Finding out it was the same trail the same course out as the 10K was very beneficial and gave me a boost of confidence because I knew where I was at all times. Running along with about four or five runners we came up to the ½ point with a time of 10:28, very excited to hear that and was motivated knowing that I only had 1 ½ miles to go. Feeling pretty good I focused on the runner ahead hoping that I would edge up on him and possible pass him. Only about 30 meter behind him and 3/4 mile to go we both caught a man that had a faster start. With 1/2 mile to go I asked an official which way to go and it messed up my breathing and rhythm of running and the man that I was trying to catch got some distance on me. With only 200 meter left I was thinking of getting a good time and before I knew it I was racing the fellow to the finish line. I missed beating him by a lean. Doing that really pushed me to get a PR in the 5K. My time was 20:52, the last time I ran in the 20’s was back in 2009 with a time of 20:53 in Albuquerque. Final results in the 5K, 4th overall, 1st in my age-group 4 seconds short of the state record. I am totally blessed to be able to run like I am at my age and thank all my running comrades and coaches for support and belief in me. Keep training! Coach Lucille Training schedule, ran four times a week 20 to 25 miles total. Two days ran long slow distance runs for about 6 to 7 mile, one day a week speed work 200 and 800 meter timed intervals, one day tempo run for 6 miles. Training with weights, P90X, and yoga two to three times a week for strength endurance, core support. Supplement redox signaling molecules (endurance and recovery drink).

Winner of the 2016 State Senior Olympic 10K Road Roace time 45:34 new State Record for my age-group 60-64
5K Road Race (click then scroll down)

Lucille Brasher winner of the 5K Road race in the Senior Olympics Women's 60-64 Women's / PR in the 5K since 2009 Time 20:52

May 01, 2016

One of the most popular Fun Runs in Albuquerque with three different races, the 5K in 4 waves, 10K, and ½ marathon. It was like an April Fools day on May 1, 2016. There was wind, rain and a few flurries of snow coming down. People were wearing earmuffs, long tights and jackets or thick long sleeve shirts. A few were wearing shorts but with long colorful sock that seemed to be very popular these days.
At the age 61 you're pretty much thinking about running hard and try running a good time for your age but usually not a PR, that just doesn’t happen except if you are new to running. Well it happened to me which I really didn’t expect it. With this type of weather you think of running smarter so you try harder. Running this 10K I actually felt pretty good the first three miles and came across with a time of 21:30. I was thinking oh no, I better slow down but I didn’t. My time slowed down a little but not my intensity, I was still pushing hard when I came across the 10K finish line with a time of 45:21, the last 3.2 miles in 23.51. Knowing that my last mile was going to be hard I hung in there unfortunately one women past me. I tried to keep up with her but her pace was faster and my legs felt like heavy weights holding my knee down. A man about my age came up behind me the last half mile and said nice job. I really wanted to stay with him so I picked up the pace sprinting in the last 200 meters, unfortunately he saw me and said “oh no you don’t” and sprinted ahead of me looking back so I wouldn’t pass him.
HA! HA! that’s funny! You can have it fellow I don’t care.
Final result was 35th Overall of 669 participants
6th women out of 378
1st in 60-64 age group    
2nd Female Master
Pace per mile 7:17
Albuquerque Athletics Track - Youth Track
Keep running! To your health!

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