November 05, 2011

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The efficacy of any wellness protocol should be based on whether or not it works!

There are a lot of shams and shysters out there so it's logical that everyone should exhibit some degree of skepticism. However, how much science or clinical trials are necessary to prove that a wellness path is worth pursuing? It's not just the results of a scientific study that should determine if a wellness protocol is approved or disapproved for animal or human use. The bottom line involves knowing whether or not the choices we make bring about positive results!
You may be familiar with the efficacy of diatomaceous earth. It's actually never been scientifically tested, nor is it approved for animal or human ingestion. Does it bring about positive wellness results in both cases? You bet it does! Therefore, what I'm saying is that one shouldn't totally discard a particular wellness protocol because of a perceived lack of scientific evidence.
The science of redox signaling molecules has been substantiated over many years of research. It's all over the Internet. However, no one has been able to stabilize these molecules outside the body until now. Thus, a mammoth scientific discovery has occurred. It's called ASEA.
ASEA is the only product that mimics and replicates the exactly native fluid in your body by reconstituting water and salt molecules. It's all about RESULTS - you'll never know unless you try it.
My purpose in life is to bring pertinent wellness information to the general public. That's really all anyone can do! Then, it's all about the choices you make.
Thanks for your time and the best of luck to you.
Lucille Brasher

Verification Procedure for Reactive Molecules in ASEA™

Today there is huge growth in the mar­kets for pre­ven­ta­tive and anti-aging remedies, and much time and money has been spent look­ing into the wear and tear of liv­ing, breath­ing and eat­ing. This uncontrollable activ­ity places con­tin­u­ous stress on every cell of the body, and every cell must respond or suf­fer dam­age. Terms like oxi­da­tion, free rad­i­cal, oxyrad­i­cal and antioxi-dant are used to describe these developments. What do they mean?

Each and every cell in the body is a biological machine that is gradually worn down by the work of stay­ing alive. It’s a flawed sys­tem. Like all machines, cells derive their energy from the consumption (oxidation) of fuel—nutrients and oxygen—but at a price. This process produces damaging waste prod­ucts (free rad­i­cals or oxyrad­i­cals).
 One of our cells’ most rou­tine tasks is to reduce the effect and remove these wastes, and the key sub­stance it uses is glu­tathione. Glu­tathione is the body’s principal antiox­i­dant. When it runs out, oxyrad­i­cals pro­lif­er­ate, slowly but surely are wreaking healthy cells.

On the other hand, there are many benefits for the body with ele­vated glu­tathione lev­els. Its meta­bolic func­tions include:

Amino acid transport
Antiox­i­dant cell protection
DNA syn­the­sis and repair
Enhanced immune function
Elim­i­na­tion of toxins
Elim­i­na­tion of carcinogens
Enzyme acti­va­tion and regulation
Pro­tec­tion against ion­iz­ing radiation
Pro­tein synthesis
Prostaglandin syn­the­sis
Leukotriene syn­the­sis

Researchers (Dr. Gary Samuelsson Medical Atomic Physicist) have proven that using Asea increases the effectiveness of the body`s natural production of glutathione up to 500% and some studies show as high as 800%

This is only a small part of what fresh redox signaling molecules can help your body do for you!!
Do your test study today. 50% of the people that try ASEA see results in one month. Give yourself a trial period of 3 months. You will see an improvement in several area of your health.
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