November 15, 2011

Exciting Breakthrough!

Exciting Breakthrough!
While the world has waited, during the last 16 years,
researchers have
been working on an amazing
breakthrough in science within an area known
as “Redox Signaling”. With over 30 million
dollars invested, their discovery
is a quantum
leap beyond anything we’ve previously known
about how our
cells function at the molecular
level. Some are calling this discovery the
biggest breakthrough in biological science
since the creation of penicillin
or discovery of DNA.

The newly discovered science has recently been put
in the form of a consumable product. It is not a drug,
herb, vitamin, mineral, juice or
nutrient. There are 

no stimulants, side effects or toxic substances. It is
being called a redox signaling communication product
and it’s the first of its
kind in the world. The high impact
results have many in the medical and health
scrambling to learn more.

The company named “ASEA”, along with its Atomic
Physicist Gary L. Samuelson
PhD, building on 16 years
of science have finalized a process to create and stabilize
what are known as “reactive signaling molecules”.
The process has garnered over 20
patents and uses a
saline type solution as the “carrier” for these molecules.
There are
a trillions of these reactive signaling molecules
in every 32 oz bottle of ASEA. The
process of replicating
these signaling molecules outside of the body was said to be
impossible by researchers at Harvard, UCLA, and other top
research schools. That is,
until they tested the process and
confirmed its validity. Research shows that ASEA’s
scientific advancement allows the body to use antioxidants
at a level of efficiency 500%
higher than normal.

By and large the sports world has not yet been made aware
of this amazing
scientific discovery, yet. ASEA has tested
some well known endurance athletes
including marathon
runners and cyclists with incredible results. After undergoing
Ventilatory Threshold (VT) testing, where athletes were
pushed to the point of
exhaustion, the athletes were
experiencing almost
unbelievable improvements. After
taking ASEA for just 2 weeks, the athletes were seeing
VT endurance gains
averaging 12%, as high as 30%. That’s unheard of in the sports and fitness communities
with the
exception of illegal and damaging steroid use
(ASEA has test documentation showing
no illegal/banned
substances per WADA). Marathon runners were actually
calling the
company inquiring as to why they were
experiencing such amazing results after only
being on the
product a short period. Some marathon runners reported
“negative splits” (running the second half of the
marathon faster than the first half).

How does the science work?
Simply put, inside the cells of the human body are what’s
known as
“Mitochondrion” the power producing centers
in each cell.
The Mitochondria spins off 2 types of
signaling molecules known as
(1.) Immune System
(2.) Antioxidant Activators. Without
these signaling molecules, the immune system and the
antioxidants could not
perform their functions.
These signaling molecules are messengers that direct
the thousands of chemical
reactions taking place inside
and outside of each cell every second. They are also
responsible for the communication between neighboring
cells letting all of the other
cells know the health and
well being of each other. The signaling molecules carry
instructions signaling when and how the chemical
reactions are to take place. As a cell
might become
diseased or damaged these signaling molecules are
critical in the repair
process. They, in turn, signal
the cells defenses to take action. If the cell cannot
itself, the signaling molecules enable the
destruction of the bad cell and it is replaced
by a new
healthy cell.
Modern researchers can now see deep
into the cells and are working to map all of
intricate processes. They have also determined
that for some reason, as we get
older, cells become
lazy and do not operate at full power per DNA
instruction. These
lazy cells begin duplicating
rather than purposely destroying themselves as
the DNA
instructs. As a result, our immune system
weakens causing illness and disease to
creep in and
stay. We then develop chronic pain, symptoms of
old age, slow healing
and decay. In some cases,
cells have uncontrolled growth through this
malfunction of
signaling. The body is supposed
to eliminate these runaway cells. In some it does not,
and the cells multiply further and further eventually
resulting in failure of the entire
Especially in the past 20, or so years, consumers
have been informed about how
important antioxidants
are to the human body, but
there is another part of
the story we
haven’t been told. It doesn’t matter
how many antioxidants we put in our bodies,
if these
signaling agents are not in proper number and
balance, the antioxidants and
immune system
can’t perform their function properly

 Since it is common knowledge that good nutritional
supplementation should not be overlooked, a new
awareness of
the importance of these signaling
molecules requires a paradigm shift. ASEA is a
product that is not in competition with other
nutritional products. ASEA actually works

with all other nutritional  products enabling them to 
function to their highest level of performance. This is 
due to  the increase of molecular efficiency regarding
 the antioxidants to be activated and used at a 
500% increase.
When the signaling processes are optimum, the body
has the ability to use food sources and
to the fullest degree possible to advance healthy
cell function.

ASEA - The Company
The story of ASEA is quite amazing. The predecessor
company had spent years 
and millions on pharma.
research, but was struggling to get funding to reach the
line. In late 2006 Verdis Norton was asked to
become a member of that company’s
board of directors.
Verdis, a specialist in helping troubled business,
reviewed all
research and testing and in a short time
recognized that the company was better
headed in
other directions. ~2008 Verdis Norton (ASEA - CEO)
and James Pack
(ASEA – President) purchased the
rights to the product and ASEA was born. Since that
time, ASEA along with its Atomic Physicist,
Gary L. Samuelson PhD, found a way to
the reactive signaling molecules. The patents and
patents pending are owned
by ASEA Founder and
CEO Verdis Norton.
Verdis Norton has 30+ years
of corporate experience as an International Vice
President of Strategy for General Foods, Kraft Foods,
Hobart Industries, Freemark
International and other
well known companies. He has an impeccable track
record and
a much decorated resume.
Verdis Norton calls this, “a once in 50 year breakthrough
and points out that the
health industry has never seen a
product like this one. It is here now and ready for the
public’s consumption. ASEA owns all the manufacturing
rights and produces the
product in-house. ASEA
expects to be the fastest growing company in the health and
wellness industry to reach the billion dollar mark domestically
 and internationally.

Verdis Norton is no stranger to International expansion
and strategies. It has been his 
forte for 30 years.
The company has stated they are ready to produce without
backorder, $500 million dollars in sales. ASEA hasgrown a 
whopping 700% in the past6 months, with official company

 launch in fall of 2010. With an aging baby boomer

population desiring high impact health products,
the company’s growth trend looks like
it will continue
well into the future.

After much painstaking analysis, ASEA settled
on a proven method of distribution to
get their
product into the hands of the public at an affordable
price. They chose the
best time proven method of all
time, “Word of Mouth Marketing” people telling
ASEA is actively seeking out individuals
who have a mission
to serve and to help others.
If this sounds like you and you
would like to join
our team and become an ASEA associate,
we invite you to visit the following links and calls. (especially the central
ASEA and
Founders segments, others for more detail)

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