November 13, 2011


Not a scam my sophomoric friend (RICKDOWNS77).   I studied redox signaling in Pre-med school.  It is legitimate and yes you have to re-arranged atoms from sodium chloride to create a different molecule.  Our body makes these molecules, but when I was learning about the molecules it was thought impossible to sustain them out of the body.  Hence not salt water because it is sustainable, but I digress I've asked a physiologist that I know from school about this and he was skeptical at first not because of the redox molecule but because it cannot be sustained out of the body.  Well that is what the atomic physicist did.  First for 20 min and then for 18 months.  I asked him to research it further and he agrees that if they have really sustained it is a breakthrough. 

This is a legitimate product and no it is not salt water in it's current form.  There is plenty of pre asea research in the Boston medical journal on redox signaling and Asea is getting more and more publications in medical journals.  Those I know involved in Asea and those that subscribe to the science Saturday's get all the science they can handle including the actual molecule make up. 
 The problem with a sophisticated  product of science, that is easily understood if you read the science, is that when it is given to the public to sell like this it lends to people like you who don't take the time to actually learn the science and call a great breakthrough salt water.  Again yes it is derived from salt water but when you rearrange the atoms it becomes a different molecule and that is what asea has done.  I have not started to sell it for this reason because I don't want to have to keep explaining the science to people like you who make strong statements based on ignorance,  but I am certainly excited it is out there and that they figured out how to stabilize it. 

ASEA = Redox Signaling Molecules

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