December 12, 2011

Double Blind Study 
Deemed the world's number one teaching institute in 2000 by Spa Management Group, this historic and thriving center was founded by visionary and humanitarian Ann Wigmore and is currently under the leadership of Brian and Anna Maria Clement, PhD. For a half of a century, the Institute has helped hundreds of thousands of guests realize that good health is every person’s birthright, and that a life free of disease and pain is our human legacy. The Hippocrates philosophy is founded on the belief that a vegan, living, enzyme-rich diet — complemented by exercise, positive thinking and non-invasive therapies — are integral to optimum health. The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program is a renowned residential program that runs weekly every Sunday through Saturday throughout the year. The entire recommended program is three weeks; however one can stay for as little as one week.

— Hippocrates Health Institute.

Brian Clement, PhD, LNC

Dr. Brian Clement has spent more than three decades studying nutrition and natural health care. He has received graduate degrees in both naturopathic medicine and nutritional science. Since 1980 he has directed the Institutes growth and development as well as facilitated the implementation of such progressive natural health treatments as: the Living Food Diet, Wheat grass Therapy, Dark Field Microscopy, and the essentials of mind-body therapies. Over the years Brian has assumed the role of a health advocate, motivating a very eager public to take action to improve their lives.

In his role as a progressive educator, Brian has conducted countless seminars, lectures, and educational programs, traveling extensively to more than 25 countries around the globe. At home in the United States, he has taken the message of this widely successful program to the entire country. In recent years he has been commissioned by government-supported organizations to establish, organize, and direct health programs in Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, and India. Brian has also written numerous books in which he explores the various aspects of health, spirituality, and natural healing. His recent best-selling book, Living Foods for Optimum Health, has been acclaimed by Marilyn Diamond, co-author of the book Fit for Life, as "an important and eminently readable book for the new era of self care," and by Coretta Scott King as a "landmark guide to the essentials of healthy living." In response to growing public demand, he has produced an educational video series on the practical application of Hippocrates Health Institutes's Life Transformation Program, the Institute’s signature three-week detoxification and cleansing process. In addition, Brian created the Hippocrates Health Educator Program, a nine-week intensive class that certifies students to teach the Hippocrates Living Foods Lifestyle, with graduates in over 12 countries. His progressive ideas on natural health approaches, coupled with his vast theoretical and practical scientific experience, have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in the natural health field. Brian's professional opinion is highly regarded and much sought after; he is a frequent guest on television, radio, and in print, and acts as a resource expert for several publications. Brian has also been recognized for his significant contribution in the field of modern health care by Who's Who Among Outstanding Americans.

Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, PhD, LNC

Anna Maria embarked on her vocation as a practitioner of natural health care when she assumed the directorship of Sweden's Brandal Health Center in Stockholm, an internationally recognized and well-respected center for health recovery. Her advanced education in nutritional science, iridology, bodywork therapy, touch-for-health, and nursing health care serve to enhance the instinctive qualities that, as a natural healer, she already possessed.

After kicking off her career in natural health advocacy by founding the first living food organization in Scandinavia, she became a member of the Natural Health Care Coalition, a government-supported effort in unifying the field of complementary health care in her native Sweden. Anna Maria has since become Co-Director and Chief Health Administrator of Hippocrates Health Institute and moved with the Institute from its original location in Boston to Florida. She is one of the leading experts in live blood cell analysis, a revolutionary technique in the comprehensive assessment of a person's state of health. She trained in this method under American Biologic in California and assisted their professional staff in furthering their education in this field. Anna Maria is the author of four books on the application of natural health methods in family and pediatric care. She also collaborated in the creation of a series of books about the Hippocrates Life Transformation program. She lectures extensively around the country as well as around the globe employing a style that is uniquely down-to-earth, sensible, and accessible to a varied audience. As multifaceted as her life is, the one role Anna Maria considers to be the most important, the most challenging and, undoubtedly, the most enjoyable, is her role as mother to her four children, whose stellar health is a testament to her care and the Hippocrates lifestyle.

Exciting Results from New Supplement
by Dr. Brian Clement
This state-of-the-art, advanced liquid supplement has been
studied by Hippocrates Health Institute for nearly a year. We
conducted double blind research to see if people with similar
health profiles and comparable diseases who were both living
on the Hippocrates program would find a different degree of
benefit when one group was taking the ASEA supplement.
We were pleased to find that there was clearly superior
improvement of the immune system for those using this
advanced product. There were also a number of verbal
reports of how people felt more energy and stronger via
the consumption of this powerful liquid. After immersing ourselves
in both the science behind ASEA and the empirical evidence that
has emerged we would strongly advise those in the conquest
of disease to consider utilizing this important contribution to human health.
(Volume 31 Issue 4 Page11 November 2011) 

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