December 02, 2011

Athletic Performance/Recovery Drink

Hi Karl and Beth,

Thanks for taking good care of Julie today.
Her car looks fantastic, she's happy with your work!

I plan to keep your service nearby for future business.

By now, you may have seen many of the links I shared with you on ASEA?
Believe it, there are still many more sites and much more data.

Karl, you mentioned having some interest in the Athlete side of ASEA's product.
I'd like to learn more about your affiliation with Football. If you would, please share more of that information.

Originally, ASEA was developed to promote, at the most basic of levels, proper cellular function, which translates into proper functioning tissues and systems within our bodies.

This ultimately translates into a properly functioning mind and body that is able to fight off toxins and disease and heal itself rapidly as the body was originally designed.
It was only after ASEA hit the market that athletes who were taking ASEA started to call the home office reporting that they had lower heart rates, greater endurance, less fatigue and less soreness.
ASEA commissioned a study to test the effects on athletes after taking ASEA for only two weeks. The results of that study were nothing short of amazing.
These athletes were subjected to a VO2 Max test prior to taking ASEA for two weeks and then retested.
The athletes
averaged a 12% increase in VT (Ventilatory Threshold) which is unheard of.
They also reported lower heart rates, less soreness and fatigue after workouts, and more energy all the time.
One leading sports medicine doctor who reviewed the results stated, "This will create a whole new class of athlete."
ASEA immediately had their product tested and certified for competition. It passed easily because every component in ASEA is 100% "native" to the body.

If you are an athlete, have a son or daughter that is an athlete, coach or train athletes, are involved in sports medicine, or want to start being an athlete, don't be the last one to start using ASEA.
On a personal note, I started out with having a lot of aches and pains in my legs having problems jogging no less running. I kept blaming it on age (now 57) and all those years of running, but with my back ground on health and fitness I tried everything to have optimum health. Within a couple of days on ASEA I can attest to, I felt 10 times better and jogged for 30 minutes that day. It seemed like the pain just went away.

Karl and Beth, before I began the regimen, I followed the body inventory that ASEA supplied to see what kind of improvement I would make. In addition, I took my resting heart rate, which was 48 beats per minute.
With in a month these are the improvement that I had.
·    Ringing in the ears, no more disturbances at night, I went to sleep right away.
·    Achilles tendon, (which was chronic pain) gone, no matter how hard I ran still no problem. The only problem is that I was running to hard and pulled a hamstring. Treatment for the Achilles consist of spray and drinking ASEA and the problem has not come back.
·   Resting heart rate down by 8 points, it has been down as low as 36 BPM but is an average of 40 BPM.
·   Sleeping more soundly (more REM sleep) less hours 6 to 7 hours a night.
     Every category on the body inventory I had improved.

Within three months, the inflammation in my body was down. Back in April, I received a bracelet from my brother and I could not put it on without getting help because it fit so tight. By July, I was putting it on myself and I lost an inch in my waistline.

From Bobby Bryant a senior gofer says, “I can attest to less body aches after I play a full day of golf.”
He was a Professional Golfer for many years. He regained Amateur Status back in 2003.
Testimonial from Bobby Bryant:
“I won a Palm Beach Amateur Event in 2009 at the Ritz Carlton CC. It's called the Bobby Bryant Mid Senior Classic.”
Bobby said, “The last day of the event, I shot a 30 (6 under par) on the last 9 holes of the 36 hole 2-day event to earn the low Net honors and Lowest 9 hole score since the inception of the event.”
Bobby acknowledged that, “The point I make is that I fully know how much body rotation I can produce.” “I know what sort of aches and pains I will feel the next day after playing a full day on the course and range.”
“After taking ASEA for only 3 weeks, I was taken by surprise as to how much different I felt during and after a long day on the range and course. It's as if my body is healing itself like I was in my teens.”

On the Business side of this... hopefully you make the decision to join us, we'll team up together and share our short term and long-term goals for success.
You'll notice that you have tremendous up line leaders eager to assist us at every turn.
Most of your up line leaders are full time network marketers with significant weekly and monthly residual income with ASEA.

As the comp plan shows, each of us really only need a few partners for this to work.
As long as we all find long-term thinkers and not "get rich quick" attitudes, we'll be doing very well this time next year. It's reasonable to achieve a significant monthly residual income with the right product, marketing and effort on the part of motivated individuals.

We have a unique opportunity and position with ASEA right now. Timing is perfect.

Sign up is easy... There are two ways to join ASEA.

1. FREE to become a Preferred Customer and enjoy the 20% discount off retail price.
OR #2 as a business builder:

2.  There are several different product options when joining:
NOTE: You'll notice you get 4 to 8 32oz bottles FREE should you decide to order the 4 case or 8 case option.
(4 bottles per case)

The free case option is
only valid for your first order upon initial entry into the company and
that's the
only time that you can take advantage of that offer.

 1 Case ASEA - Enrollment Pack $120.00 
 4 32-oz bottles ASEA - Enrollment Pack 

 2 Case ASEA - Enrollment Pack $240.00 
 8 32-oz bottles ASEA - Enrollment Pack 
 Free case offers with a 4 or 8 case order 
4 Case ASEA - Enrollment Pack (SAVE $110)  $370.00 
16  32-oz bottles ASEA - Enrollment Pack  (
4 bottles free)

8 Case ASEA - Enrollment Pack (SAVE $190)  $770.00 
32  32-oz bottles ASEA - Enrollment Pack  (
8 bottles free)

ASEA Corporate-

Hope to see you again soon and looking forward to having you join our team!

Kind regards,

Lucille Brasher

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