December 11, 2011

Look hard and do your research and you will discover the truth.
Believed and trusted a friend.

Its been seven month on ASEA and I feel fantastic! I sleep better, smelling sense better, energy better, focus better, gums and teeth better, mood better, and no more ringing in the ear.  Resting heart rate has gone from 48 to 40. My oxygen 99%, and blood pressure 124 over 70, the nurse told me that was good.  Everyday is energized because I get a restful night sleep. I do not worry as much anymore, things do not bother me as much as before. Its a mazing how much of a postivie outlet you have by feeling better.
I will  be a positive roll model in life and lead others to a healthy life style!
Lucille Brasher      See what ASEA did for Sammy.

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