December 05, 2011

Athletes Endurance and Recovery Drink

Redox Signaling Molecules Experiences
Listen to what ASEA is doing for these people.
Testimonies about athletes performances, sleeping, circulation, aches and pain, respiratory problems, energy, weight lose and much more.

One day one of my athletes brought in the product with tests on endurance and truthfully I told him the results were too good to be true. I noticed he was performing a lot better so I decided to put a few other athletes on it and run some tests to convince him that is wasn't these signaling molecules. I have to say that I was a skeptic because it is impossible to achieve that kind of increase in endurance, but somehow what was impossible is actually happening and now I am a believer. I don't know how it does it, but now all of my athletes are taking the product and every one of them is quickly increasing their endurance and performance levels." ~ Stephen, Dallas, TX

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