December 14, 2011

Workout - Circuit Training(for 11 through 60 year old)

Execute the workout as a light to medium hard aerobic workout by keeping your heart rate up to at least 65 to 85% of your Maximum Heart rate, for 45 minutes.
To determine this training heart rates take the equation of 220 and subtract your age.

Let us say you are 13 years old. Take 220 - 13 = 207. Two hundred and seven beats is your maximum heart rate. We want to train aerobically (with oxygen) to get the benefits. As a 13 year old, the light end 65% would be 142 beats per minute the 75% would be 155 beats. Therefore, when you take your heart rate it should be 14 to 16 beats for six seconds. Multiply 14 x 10 = 140 beats per minutes; this is low end of the THR (train heart rate).for one minute. Take your heartbeat in-between your workout for six seconds by counting with zero for the first heartbeat. A medium-hard to hard work out, your heart rate will probably be 17 to 19 beats for 10 seconds. This workout is supposed to be a medium to had workout.

Warm-up:  Jog for 5 minutes and stretch for 5 minutes

Start your watch for a 45-minute continuous workout.

Weights – for ages 11-17, 3 to 5 pounds - This is strength endurance work out. We will be doing many repetitions with lightweight. Posture is important, standing tall with abdominal tight, and inhaling and exhaling on each movement.
Overhead press – (shoulder workout, deltoids) 20 repetitions, biceps – 20 reps., running arms – 50 reps., upright rows (elbows high above the shoulders) – 20 reps
Light run – ½ mile
Drills:  make sure you have great posture. Have your head straight shoulders back, chest up (lifted) knees up, walking on ball of feet, heels up.
  • Walking knee lifts – high knee to waist height
  • Skipping knee lifts
  • Butt kickers
  • Running knee lifts
  • Mach I – karate kicks – (knee up first on ball of foot, kick, knee bends, leg down)
  • Karaoke R/L
  • Front lunges with straight back leg (20 times each leg).
      - 25 times each leg except for karaoke 15 times each side.
Light run - Do a light run for ½ mile
Abdominal routine –Do superman/banana for 10 count five times each. - This is when the you are laying on the ground with legs straight lifted about a foot off the ground and arm and should lifted. Then you roll over on your back and do the same with your arms and legs.
Oblique crunchier, do 20 times R/L. - Abdominal twist on ground (reach right to left with hands clasped legs lifted) 20 X’s.
Drills:  Do your drills on a line so you will practice running on a straight line.
  • Three knee hops on each leg; left knee lifting with hop (out to the side, front, side) right knee (front, side, front) left (side, front, side) right (front, side, front), and so on. Good balance routine and knee lifting routine. Do this for 50 meters.
  • Jog 50 meter
  • Walk on heels with toes way up to work on front shine strengthener. 50 meters
  • Side lunges (outer and inner thighs) keep toes and knees forward, right side for 10 times, left side 10 times.
Light run for ½ mile
Weights - Push-ups 20 times, core routine – weights, lung right reach with weight overhead with lung, lung left pivot feet reach down with flat back touch ground. 20 times. Reverse by reach up left side lunging down right side, 20 times.

Stride a 100 meters, jog 100 meters for 800 meters

Cool down:  Jog for the rest of the time on watch. Stretch for 5:00 minutes.

Circuit training is a workout for the whole body that strengthens and works aerobically to build endurance. This is a fun workout that a beginner and well trained athlete can benefit from.

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