January 19, 2012

My Workout With Teambeachbody and Running

What keeps you motivated 
A schedule, set a time and date and what you are going to do each day.
  • A Network of friends
  • Each day you are going to workout at this place at this time with this workout
  • Food, what are you going to eat, each day, prepared food each week and store it in the freezer where is easily accessible
  • Write down each day what you are eating, so you can see where you can make the improvements
  • Tape measure, each week measure your waist, hips and chest, losing inches is easier to obtain then weighing your self. At first you will lose inches because muscle weighs more than fat. Within time the muscle will start burning more fat then the pounds will start coming off.
Workout schedule this week

Monday - P90X Cardio X, AB Ripper X
Tuesday - - Off
Wednesday - Run for 45 minutes 2 ¼ mile up hill, 2 ¼ back down hill
Thursday - Off
Friday - Run for 45 minutes (circuit training)
Saturday - Trampoline, weights 1 hour workout
Sunday - P90X - Kempo X and sit-ups
For more information go to Coach Lucille

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