January 24, 2012

Written by Dave Bachand This is a Question That I asked Dr Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. in Atomic/Medical Physics from the University of Utah.

Hi Dr Samuelson,
I have 3 different elderly people that are on my auto ship and after about 3 weeks or so of using Asea they went to their doctors and got their blood pressures taken and they were slightly elevated.
The doctors of course jumped all over it and told them to stop taking Asea do to the salt.
All of these people have had amazing results for the medical issues they were having.
Of course the doctors have been telling them that it is only the placebo effect.

I have told them the type of salt and amount it is but still there doctors seem to be getting satisfaction from trying everything they can to make them stop using Asea. This also happened to me in the beginning and after 2 months my vitals were perfect and still are some 7 months later. Please can you help me to make them understand what is going on with their bodies. The sad part of this whole thing is that Asea has helped them get total relief from major medical issues they were having,

But it is very hard to change peoples minds about what today's medical profession knows about how the body
works on a cellular level. I am 50 yrs old and feel like I am 20 now and Asea has alleviated 23 different medical symptoms that I was having for many, many years. I can understand why doctors do not want to except this technology as I have not seen my doctor for the last 12 months and I used to live at his office.


Dave,I am glad to hear about your improvement. It is generally difficult to introduce redox signaling to most medical professionals, it is a new field of science (13 years old) and change happens gradually in the medical field and requires ongoing education.

To help you understand what might be happening inside the body: several measures of cellular efficiencies increase as a result of redox signaling exposure. Especially in older people or people with large-scale tissue damage, the increased efficiencies may also help the cells to more efficiently clean up the “garbage” that has been building up in their cells, washing the garbage and toxins into the blood supply. This clean-up effort by the cells at time may cause what is termed a “detox” reaction. The kidneys while trying to get rid of the garbage will, at times, order an increase in blood pressure to help expel the toxins. This is a temporary condition that should not last more than a month after first taking the product consistently.

The best recommendations to help someone that is going through a detox reaction is to ask them to drink plenty of water, to help flush the body, 12-16 glasses a day, for example. Be patient and if the detox symptoms get too uncomfortable, cut back, taking ½ - 1 oz 4 times a day (some just spray it in their mouths several times a day) while the cleanup process is taking place. One encouraging thought: athletes in our studies who underwent somewhat uncomfortable detox reactions at first and were patient, later had the greatest improvements later on.

The amount of salt in ASEA is not large enough to significantly affect blood pressure. 129 mg of sodium is the same as that in three large carrots. Almost any salt-restricted diet can be adjusted to include ASEA. I hope that all goes well for you.


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