January 06, 2012

New Year 2013

 Do You Have A New Year Resolution?
  It is a New Year and time to set new goals, new adventures and look for new opportunities. Are you ready to start a new resolution and develop good habits or stop bad habits? What I heard is that you need to replace a good habit for a bad habit instead of just quitting a bad habit. If you bit your nails, you should pick up a good habit like needlepoint to keep your hands busy. It makes sense.

At the beginning of the year, or maybe that’s just the norm for my age group, I hear my friends and coworkers say that their new resolution is not to have a resolution because in two weeks or two months they will quit the goal and go back the way things were as before. Maybe they have the fear of failure.
 If you’re the person that has to have a starting point a good time is the new year. If you don’t want to tell anyone what your goals are or what your new year’s resolution is than that’s ok, but make an oath to yourself by writing it down and posting it somewhere so you can see it every day. Make a time goal, and take baby steps. Sure, you may fail, or slip back, but you can pick yourself up and start again. How many times do you fail before your succeed? It might be two or three times and then finally you’ll get it if you just keep trying. I never thought that I would get my second degree at the age of 53. People would say, your to old, it’s too hard. Nevertheless, I did not listen because this is what I really wanted, I had it set in my heart and on paper and I saw my goals every day. Do things to keep motivated and stay focus. The more you do it the easier it gets. Keep trying and you will succeed.
If you are interested in a new opportunity.

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