March 02, 2012

Tips to help your health!

Brain fog and fatigue is due to consuming mercury from fish or your metal in your teeth.
Take Chlorella - a single-celled green alga that helps detoxify your body from mercury, boost your immune system, and increase your energy. In addition, Chlorella is found in green leafy vegetable.
According to Dr. Mercola, Egg Plant cures skin cancer. Several tests and studies have been conducted in Europe on this cream which is made out of eggplant. After three month on the product the cancer went away.
Herb every day - anti aging
Italian Spice - bioflavonoid
ThymeExcessive amounts of mucus in the lungs can be eliminated through the use of an herbal tea made form the sage and the thyme, during a cough
Sage - fights arthritis and asthma problems
Marjoram - release gas, aids in digestion, increases sweating and encourages menstruation
Oregano - protects from fungal infection

Apple Pie Spice
Ginger - treats nausea
Cinnamon - anti cancer, blood sugar level benefits
Cloves - lowers blood sugar

Turmeric - anti inflammatory Super star supplement 
Prevent weight gain - white bean extract, 500 mg per  day ($20) take before meal.
White bean extract is said to block carbohydrate absorption and shed excess pounds
Bacopa improve memory - herb from India reduces stress on the brain
Release toxins in the body - milk thistle to clean the liver to function healthy, 200 mg a day
Boost the health of the heart -  Krill Oil supplement, omega 3 anti oxidant benefits, faster absorbency, stronger potency than fish oil

Drug store deals
Limp fine hair - dry shampoo tresemme, short burst and in section then toss the hair
Get frizz out of hair - dry hair, dryer sheets - pat it all over top of head, static remover go over gently     Color treated hair shampoo - Giovanni contain antioxidant $8.99 a bottle
Hair - split ends, use sunscreen silicone Polymers and vitamin E temporary seal, ($10) no miracle cure for split ends, cut them off
Best bar soap for face, Dove, sensitive dermatologist favorite unscented no harsh detergents
Dry skin - Cetaphil soap, cleans but does not take away the oil 
Oily Skin - Neutrogena 3.49 a bar looks orange 
Acne prone - PanOxyl bar cut through the oil, treats back acne as well
Flaky skin white spots - Tinea versicolor on the body. Superficial yeast infection, fungus, use Noble  Formula 2%

Eucrine lotion (about $8 a bottle) calming skin - for overly dry skin

Other tips for your health:
¬  Take care of your Razor - shake and blow on your razor to rid of excess hair and water so it won’t rust and  keeps it clean
¬  Wash your face last after your shampoo and conditioner, shampoo and conditioners may be making your face break out from the different ingredients in it.
¬  Shower with lukewarm, hot water stripes off the oils in your body, you need those oils to lock the moisture in your body.
Reference: Dr OZ and Dr. Mercola, and other guest speaker on the Dr. OZ Show, February 2012

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