May 17, 2012

Athletes are Experiencing Longer Workouts and Faster Recoveries!

ASEA / Metabolites

The breakthrough research highlighted in ASEA Frontiers: Metabolites indicates that drinking ASEA water mobilized fuel from fat stores in the athletes. That’s great, because more energy is packed into fatty tissue (by weight) than any other fuel source in the body. With equal amounts of carbohydrates, glycogen, and fatty acids, you could jog 30 minutes on carbohydrates, 3-4 hours on glycogen, but 60-80 hours on fatty acids!

Test  Was Conducted With a Double Blind Study from
Dr.  David C. Nieman, DrPH, FACSM
Professor of Health Sciences,
Appalachian State University

North Carolina Research Center:

 Listen to David C. Nieman talk about the Metabolite shift at the convention.

Click on the video above and watch the North Carolina Research laboratories scientists talk about their double blind study on ASEA!

For More Information about ASEA and its advancing life benefits - Click Here!

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