June 21, 2012

ASEA For Ever!

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I LOVE my ASEA. One year and 3 months I've been taking ASEA. I take two ounces twice a day on an empty stomach so it will absorb more efficiently. I sleep better, have a  better focus mentally, no aches and pains even after running. I have a lot of endurance where I can run for ever! Its amazing how I can go and run 55 minutes on the foothills and then 20 minutes later it didn't even feel like I worked out. Recently I have been competing which I have not done over two years. 

Accomplishments this year 2012: 

  • Competed in the 3K Run in April with a time of 13:05 (All American Standard Time Qualifier) Age group 55-59
  • Competed in the Run For The Zoo, First Place in the 55-59 age-group with a time of 22:22
  • Competed in the Women's Distance Festival, 1st place in age-group, time 21:41, 18 place overall with 200+ women participating
  • AAT 15th Annual Cross Country 5k Run 1st in age group
  • Cuba 20 Annual X-Country 5K Run 1st place in the 55-59 age-group Altitude 6919 with a hilly course, Time: 26:04
  • Zia X-Country Meet 5K, 55-59 age-group, 1st place, sandy and grass field. Time: 22:58.12
  • Duke City Marathon Relay, fourth leg, 10K - 45:11, Albuquerque Athletics Track Relay team placed second out of 60 co-ed teams - Time:3:04:57 
  •  12 th Annual Turkey Trek (TCR Race Productions) 12/24/12 1st Place in the 55-59 age group, Time 21:09, First Female Master

Do your own case study, 50% of the people that use a case will see results, so I encourage people to give it at least three months. You won't be sorry and it is well worth the money. Believe me, you will love it too.

Coach Lucille

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ASEA=Redox Signaling Molecules!

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