July 14, 2012

Business Opportunity / Free Shakeology

> Benefits Of A Coaching Business And A Membership Of Teambeachobody

I have two questions.  The first is could you get six friends of yours in your city to join a local gym with you?  I think our nearby gym is about $70.00 a month for an individual membership and for that you get access to the equipment, a locker room, shower, and there's a pool and hot tub, etc.

The next question is, could you get six friends of yours, anywhere in the US or Canada, to join the Team Beachbody Club with you for $38.87 for 3 months or $12.86 a month? For that amount they are eligible to win $500.00 every time that they work out in the SuperGym, they can build a social network of Buddies and chat with them and invite them to work out. 
 They get a 10% discount on a proven workout program that has been designed for success and the results are guaranteed. 
They can work out at home, any time of the day or night with a top nationally known expert trainer and follow a nutrition plan that comes with that workout program. 
They can create their own meal plans, have access to recipes, get shopping lists, etc. Telling you all of the benefits of the Team Beachbody Club is like having to tell a retail store owner where everything is in his store and a reason why people should shop at his store.

I don't know the answer to those questions, but I do know that you wouldn't get anything for getting your six friends to join the gym except maybe a referral fee or free month.  I also know that if you got your six friends to join the SuperGym with you, you and they would all save (using $70.00 as an average gym membership) $62.00 a month AND you would make enough money on the 50% commission that you get from your friend's memberships that you could get a bag of Shakeology for free every month.

Now what if you got six new people to join every month?  Well, you could be on Shakeology HD, save more money and keep getting your Shakeology for free.  What happens after 3 months of getting six new members every month besides having 18 members and customers that you are also getting commissions from on their purchases in the Team Beachbody store?  Well, the first six members, if you cared enough about them to treat them like good friends, members and customers, they would renew their memberships.

What does that mean?  Well, if you got six new members in the fourth month, they paid for your Shakeology, but you also got renewals from the first six members and that means after 4 months, you got a free bag of Shakeology and you earned $116.64.

So after one month in business, you are getting free Shakeology each month and after four months, you also made a profit of over $50.00 (your expense is $15.95 a month to be a coach or $28.81 if you have the Club membership, too).

So how much effort is involved in getting 6 new Team Beachbody Club members to join each month?  I don't know, but how big is your why to get free Shakeology each month and make money each month?  If your why is big enough the how becomes smaller and you will put in the effort.


Coach Lucille

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