October 20, 2012


Athletic Performance Based On Pilot VO2max Test

In the future if you are competing with an athlete that is on ASEA, you will have an average of 12% disadvantage on the playing field. How would you like to burn fatty acids first instead glucose in your sport or physical workout and go 29% further and so much harder. NCRC Research: Test on ASEA are proving that we were right and we have the science to back up our claims. Athletes are talking about, if I just had 1% improvement in endurance than I could win this competition.

Shelly Burt and his partner Darlo Vanderwilt from Albuquerque, New Mexico won his C Doubles match in the US Open Tennis  Wheelchair Championship in St. Louis Mo. Shelly is in his 60's and is competing with athletes that are in there 30's and 40's. Shelly also worked his way up to the semi-finals in the C Single  Division.

Shelly has been on ASEA for less than six months. 
This is a non-toxic, legal, native to your body product.
Redox signaling molecules is ASEA in a bottle. 
In addition look up redox signaling molecules at www.pubmed.com

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