October 23, 2012

AAT Relay Team Was Rewarded 2nd After Protest!!

We had a great time at the Duke City races this past weekend, competing in the Marathon Relay representing the Albuquerque Athletics Track Team (AAT). Thanks to all the parents that got the kids to their exchanges and sticking around to collect the awards.
AAT place fourth out of 60 co-ed marathon relay teams. There were 90 plus relay teams total in the marathon relay race within 6 different categories. The categories were police, Native American, military, all females, all males and co-ed.
AAT place 8th at of the 90 plus teams entered in the race.
*AAT participated in the Coed competition ages 0 through 70. In the co-ed division involves (2 girls and 3 boys or 3 girls and 2 boys) to qualify for the event. If you show up with 4 boys and one girl you are disqualified or 4 girls 1 boy the team would be disqualified.

Participates in the Albuquerque Athletics Track
Lucas Jepsen (11 years old boy) first leg, 4.8 mile - 28:45
Wes Blind (12 years old boy) second leg, 6.2 mile - 43:15
Jasmine Turtle (11 years old girl) third leg, 4.3 mile - 31:36
Coach Lucille Basher (57 years old women) 4th leg, 6.2 leg 45:11
Ester Beck (11 years old girl) Anchor 4.8 mile - 35:48

The Albuquerque Athletics Track Team will be competing in the USAT&F JR. Olympics Nationals here in Albuquerque, New Mexico this December 8, 2012. We are taking applications for kids 8 through 18 years old that have been training.
Carl  505-328-0191 

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