February 23, 2013

ASEA - Redox Signaling - Do Your Research

ASEA definition is Redox Signaling Molecules. This technology is a new science (17 years of research). When you read the internet there are people out there that do not understand the science or are saying negative things about ASEA  because they are protecting their product, juice, cream, vitamin or supplement that they promote. Some people get paid to bash another product it draws more attention to what they do to bring up the revenue. Dr.Gary Samuelson, PH.D. is an Atomic Medical Physics from the University of Utah says about today’s doctors and what they know about Redox Signaling Technology.
“It is generally difficult to introduce redox signaling to most medical professionals it is a new field of science (17 years old) and change happens gradually in the medical field and requires ongoing education.” Don’t be fooled by these bloggers this is what they do for a living. If you find anyone trying to say something bad about Asea then you will find that these people are trying to protect their down lines for the miracle creams and life saving juices they are selling or getting paid to discredit products for other companies. Asea is backed by 31 technology based patents. In order to secure a technology patent…you must prove what you have, it is that simple.
Here are two questions when it comes to ASEA:
#1 Is Redox Signaling real. The answer is “Yes”, the scientific literature is a place to prove this science.
#2 Has ASEA reproduced the chemical reactions to change pharmaceutical grade salt and ultra pure water with a electrification technique into Redox Signaling molecules that are 100% native to the body..The answer is “Yes” as the patents and quality controls set up prove this on a daily basis.It is human nature to look for the easy way out like looking for one person that says that something is not real. Every university has a department dedicated to Redox Signaling. It’s nothing new, they have been studying Redox Science since the nineteen sixty’s. There will be one loser here and this will be your friend that took the easy way out by sticking his head into sand. We can help the ones that are open minded and will do their research about the new science.

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