August 03, 2013

ASEA is a Great Purpose!

ASEA A Health and Wellness Product Like No Other

that keep you younger longer. Redox Signaling Molecules, ASEA has been in a bottle now for three years and the company is growing stronger. I have been in the business now for two years and I am helping athletes, the elderly, friends, family, and animals, anything that has signaling molecules. I heard of people get off their pain medicines, getting rid of aches and pains, sleep better, have more energy, mood is better, skin looks better, gums and teeth are healthier. People are experiencing wellness as far as not getting sick as often or symptom subside faster when on ASEA. I have heard stories of people literally getting their life back. 

Every University is now studying Redox Signaling; it is a major subject in the biology department. Online I have talked to pre-med students studying the topic redox signaling. Today professional MD's in the medical workforce have not heard of this new science. If you would ask your doctor about this subject most likely he has not heard of it unless learned from someone else recently. ASEA has been in research for 17 years. Before ASEA was ASEA the product was with a pharmaceutical company called Medical Discoveries Inc. For years the company was struggling to pay for the research for this product so it sold to another company where Verdis sat on the board. Then this company could not keep up the fund so the company started to sell off assess and that's when Verdis Norton step in and intervened. Verdis had his own Bio Tech company and examined all the research paper and experience the redox signaling molecules on a daily bases. He knew that there was something special about this product so he was going to put a team together and support these amazing molecules. Verdis Norton met James Pack and these two people are the answer to many people's prayers. I am so honor and pleased to be working with these two wonderful men that put Purpose and Principles over Ego and Economics. It is great to belong to the ASEA family!

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