July 07, 2014


RENU 28 is a concentrated topical gel that provides a

 whole-body skin therapy to revitalize you skin's health

 and appearance in 28 days. 

Dermatest, one of the leading dermatological research institutes in the world, gave RENU 28 its coveted 5-star clinically tested seal.
In clinical trials, twenty women used RENU 28 for 28 days. In addition to standard dermatological tests, digital scans were made of individual features such as wrinkles and skin texture. The results were amazing.

- Average decrease in eye wrinkle depth of 21%
- Improvement in overall wrinkles of 23%
- Improvement in facial skin texture of 22%
- Increase of 23% in the smoothness of skin
- 20% increase in elasticity
- Skin moisture showed an average increase of 11%
- As with regular ASEA, RENU 28 is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It is non-comedogenic (does not plug pores).

The unique Redox Signaling Technology behind RENU 28 empowers communication at the cellular level which helps to rejuvenate your body's skin cells. There are only four ingredients with zero harsh chemicals that is  safe for everyone!

*Order yours today for as little as $35.00 a tube. One tube last for a month using it twice a day on face after cleansing. 
*Become as a member with a one time fee (no annual fees) for only $40.00. 
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