December 23, 2014

Cellular Health With These Two Cellular Health Products

 For the past three and a half year I have been taking these redox signaling molecules. I am 60 years old, yes I can't believe I am 60 (I feel like I am in my 30 or 40's) and received my first senior discount at the movie theater. I was thrilled so I did a little dance just vibrating with joy at the time. Soon afterward a women came up to me and she couldn't believe I was 60 years old and I said thank you.
 My record in running was better this year than last year with the best time in the 5K of 21:21 receiving the two master awards (40 and older age group). and winning six out seven races including a 10K.
 Other results from taking ASEA is better skin, stronger gums and teeth from swishing ASEA in the mouth. Ringing in the ear went away, great recovery from exercise minimal soreness or no soreness, which is usually the case. I thought maybe I didn't train hard enough but then I had to catch myself and say hey I got these results after my race too. Digestive system is better and I get deeper more restful sleep. My energy is better during the day and I have great mental focus. 

Our team, AAT Cross-Country Team had 12 athletes that qualified for Nationals and one All American Michael Kuleck from Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Thank you all for your time that you spent with me this year. I hope you all have a Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year!

Help you body heal faster like you did when you were young. Live younger longer by supplementing with redox signaling molecules. These molecules are no longer being produced as much in our bodies like when we were kids. We can slow down the aging process. Athletes can go harder in there workouts and recover faster so they can come back and do the same thing again the next day. Would you like to look younger, feel better, sleep better, have mental clarity, have less aches and pains and live better? ASEA and Renu 28 (made out of these molecules) is the foundation to our cellular system. Help your body heal itself more efficiently.

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