May 01, 2016

One of the most popular Fun Runs in Albuquerque with three different races, the 5K in 4 waves, 10K, and ½ marathon. It was like an April Fools day on May 1, 2016. There was wind, rain and a few flurries of snow coming down. People were wearing earmuffs, long tights and jackets or thick long sleeve shirts. A few were wearing shorts but with long colorful sock that seemed to be very popular these days.
At the age 61 you're pretty much thinking about running hard and try running a good time for your age but usually not a PR, that just doesn’t happen except if you are new to running. Well it happened to me which I really didn’t expect it. With this type of weather you think of running smarter so you try harder. Running this 10K I actually felt pretty good the first three miles and came across with a time of 21:30. I was thinking oh no, I better slow down but I didn’t. My time slowed down a little but not my intensity, I was still pushing hard when I came across the 10K finish line with a time of 45:21, the last 3.2 miles in 23.51. Knowing that my last mile was going to be hard I hung in there unfortunately one women past me. I tried to keep up with her but her pace was faster and my legs felt like heavy weights holding my knee down. A man about my age came up behind me the last half mile and said nice job. I really wanted to stay with him so I picked up the pace sprinting in the last 200 meters, unfortunately he saw me and said “oh no you don’t” and sprinted ahead of me looking back so I wouldn’t pass him.
HA! HA! that’s funny! You can have it fellow I don’t care.
Final result was 35th Overall of 669 participants
6th women out of 378
1st in 60-64 age group    
2nd Female Master
Pace per mile 7:17
Albuquerque Athletics Track - Youth Track
Keep running! To your health!

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