July 18, 2016


My friends have encourage me to compete in a real race, the USATF Master Nationals Championships that were held in Michigan at the same time as the State Senior Olympics in Roswell, New Mexico just last week, but I chose to go to Roswell races because of time schedule and cost of events. But, anywhere you go there is always a challenge trying to get a PR's (personal records), breaking records and possibly qualifying for the National meet for next year in the Senior Olympics at Birmingham Alabama. So away I go to Roswell and I’m glad I did. The day of the meet was perfect weather of 75 degrees, 6 am in the morning, lower altitude than Albuquerque at 3600 feet and just two days there to compete back to back events in the 10K and 5K road race. The race was pleasant, running along a park and golf course on a windy bike trail with hardly any altitude change except maybe 75 feet. While running the 10K we came up on the turnaround, there must've been three people on my tail (according to the competitor conversation after the race) is where I separated from them. The halfway point time was 22:55, I was very excited about that considering it was a faster split than my city 10K. I finished my race in 45:34, running my second half of the race with a negative split (36 seconds faster). With this time it put me in first place in my age-group with a new state record. I also place 3rd overall. Next day is the 5K. I got a little better sleep the night before but not enough so didn’t know how this was going to pan out for the race. Finding out it was the same trail the same course out as the 10K was very beneficial and gave me a boost of confidence because I knew where I was at all times. Running along with about four or five runners we came up to the ½ point with a time of 10:28, very excited to hear that and was motivated knowing that I only had 1 ½ miles to go. Feeling pretty good I focused on the runner ahead hoping that I would edge up on him and possible pass him. Only about 30 meter behind him and 3/4 mile to go we both caught a man that had a faster start. With 1/2 mile to go I asked an official which way to go and it messed up my breathing and rhythm of running and the man that I was trying to catch got some distance on me. With only 200 meter left I was thinking of getting a good time and before I knew it I was racing the fellow to the finish line. I missed beating him by a lean. Doing that really pushed me to get a PR in the 5K. My time was 20:52, the last time I ran in the 20’s was back in 2009 with a time of 20:53 in Albuquerque. Final results in the 5K, 4th overall, 1st in my age-group 4 seconds short of the state record. I am totally blessed to be able to run like I am at my age and thank all my running comrades and coaches for support and belief in me. Keep training! Coach Lucille Training schedule, ran four times a week 20 to 25 miles total. Two days ran long slow distance runs for about 6 to 7 mile, one day a week speed work 200 and 800 meter timed intervals, one day tempo run for 6 miles. Training with weights, P90X, and yoga two to three times a week for strength endurance, core support. Supplement redox signaling molecules (endurance and recovery drink).

Winner of the 2016 State Senior Olympic 10K Road Roace time 45:34 new State Record for my age-group 60-64
5K Road Race (click then scroll down)

Lucille Brasher winner of the 5K Road race in the Senior Olympics Women's 60-64 Women's / PR in the 5K since 2009 Time 20:52

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