November 06, 2016

2016 New Mexico State Cross-Country Championships

Congratulations to my Athletes that competed in the State Cross-Country Championships in Jemez NM. We had two Boys Teams, one for the 8 and Under age-group and one for the 9-10 age-group. Both won the team title with the 8 and under winning by six points, placing in the top 11 places out of 50 runners. With the 9 and 10 year old's, we won by one point, placing our top 5 runners in the top 33 places out of 66 runners.
It was touch and go with the 9-10 year old's when at the start two of my athletes got knocked down ending up in last place for the first 200 meters. Those two runners moved up in the pack quite a bit but honestly it didn't look like it was enough. It only takes one place to win by one point and we did. These runners deserve a big congratulations considering 1/2 of them are new to long distance running.
A huge effort to the 4th and 5th runners on our team that picked up the pieces for those veteran athletes that couldn't be there for fighting for AAT (Albuquerque Athlete's Track),
Plus more runners and more team show up at State that we didn't see at the fundamental meets.
Boys Age 8 and Under State Champs2nd place Tesfaye Femling, 6th Daniel Beers, 8th Ronny Yassin, 9th Israel Femling, 11th Lewi Femling, 22nmd Mason Dean

Boys 9-10 year old's State Champs 
4th place William Fetz, 8th place Eneas Armijo, 11th place Cole Bettis, 8th place Owen Wagner, 33rd place Calvin Goodkind, 35th place Nikko Mihan, 36th place Eyob Femling

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