November 28, 2016


Bernie a good friend of mine is a energetic 75 year old who is getting better as he is getting older. When Bernie was in his 50's he went to the doctor and they said he should change his lifestyle if he wanted to live to be 60. That was a wake up call for him so he started to exercise and became a vegetarian. Ever since I know him he practice what he teaches and was always open to alternatives to better his life and those around him. Then I introduced Bernie to ASEA!
  Being on ASEA for three years and Renu 28 (skin gel) for one year you can see the different in how healthy his skin looks (less wrinkle) and how he just look healthier over all. Bernie's resting heart rate went from 77 to 68,
Bernie at 75 years old

Bernie at 72 years old            
Bernie has been drinking Asea and using Renu 28  for three years now and is more vibrant with better mental alertness, has less aches and pains, take zero medication and still exercises and works for fun. 
To learn about ASEA and Renu 28 or Purchase ASEA go to CoachBernie's Website.

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