March 27, 2017


How do you pick up the pieces, or they say get back on the horse after being away from racing (competition) for a while, well just like Nike would say, just do it. The last time I raced was November at the Thanksgiving Day Run, running the 5K. I was in great shape and did a lot of cross-country races in the 5 and 10K during the fall including the Duke City 10K. I also ran in the Masters Indoor Races that were held in Albuquerque. But when I came down with that dreadful shingles the enthusiasm dropped tremendously even the training when I hadn’t run for four weeks straight. You get these thought in your head that you shouldn’t push so hard, or racing or over training because the health problem, so slow down quit racing. Well here comes some races that I really enjoy being part of in the community and would like to hold my title as the overall winner in the City Senior Olympics 5 and 10K. I knew I wasn’t in that great of shape, hadn’t done anything past a six mile training session and a few intervals. The amount of miles were maybe 20 miles for two week. So I change my attitude and went their thinking that I was going to do the best that I can and run smart.
The race was in the middle of town in a safe area where there were no streets to cross except a road that entered the hotel. This course was on a bike trail along the channel, flat and fast course with a 5K out and back. Weather was at 45 degrees no wind with sunshine and clouds.
As the race started out three men took out running fast in front of me so I just let them go. Knowing my  pace I ran according to how I feel, sort of a somewhat hard pace. Through the whole race I ran tough but I ran my race (my pace) not worrying what place I was in. At the end of the 5K you stop or proceed a second time out so actually it is a 5k and 10K race in one if you signed up for it. Two of the men that beat me in the 5K stopped and the 50 year old that was way out in front of everyone was on a record time of 42 minutes for the 10K. I felt pretty good the first 5K running at a time of 24:36. I kept the pace thinking that I would try to pick it up the pace with 1 ½ miles left. At the turn around point with 1 ½ miles left there was a couple of men 30 or 40 meters behind me. It was hard but I thought I had to pick it up to beat them. To do that I focused on lifting my knees up and pumping my arms. I didn’t widen my stride because that usually tires me out so I basically think of a faster turnover. With about ½ mile left I could feel my hips hurt a little from the repetition of running. Knowing that I was almost done I pushed as hard as I could thinking someone was coming up on me. Finished, with a negative split of 24:26 just 10 second faster than the first 5K.

Advice in running a 5 or 10K, knowing what shape your in and your pace. Start slower than you normally do if your not in your best shape.  Do it for fun and think about how your going to boost that metabolism by pushing yourself at a race and how healthy it is to be with your friends and out in the fresh air exercising.  
To your health,

Coach Lucille
Chuck and Lucille winner at Senior Olympics.JPGC
Chuck Fuller and Lucille Brasher won their age-group in the 2017 City Senior Olympic Championships 5 and 10K Road Race. Lucille 24:36 5K, 49:16 10K (2nd overall)

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