March 13, 2017


I run three times a week with the track team AAT, lift weights and do body weight exercises three times a week, plus some stretches and yoga at the beginning and end of each session. Today was strictly yoga day so I felt that I was pretty flexible until I started the 1 1/2 hour session. Not only was the yoga program helping my balance, strength and flexibility but also I feel like it just lengthened my spine from the strain gravity puts on all of us. The first hour of yoga (Yoga X Teambeachbody), got a little strenuous working up to some advance movement, but you can modify what your working on. The important part is to try to keep going. While doing yoga exercises it got really hard where the legs were shaking and it got to be so painful I would tell myself I'll do 50 minutes worth. The last 30 minutes of the session the stretches got easier and they added some core exercises that made it nice.  Wow what a workout! I feel so good so relaxed and stretched out that I feel like I grew an extra inch. Variety is the key to a good weekly program of exercises, including Yoga X. Even if you did one hour worth it's still a great workout. Yoga X will make you schedule more balance and will help prevent injuries as well. 
I have the Track Athletes this after noon, running the dirt trails in 74 degree temperature in beautiful Albuquerque NM. It's all about getting the kids into shape and having fun coaching.  Happy exercising! Stay Healthy, Stay Fit! 

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