September 27, 2017

I Was A Stick But Now I Look Strong!

Lauren is a Personal Training client of mine, that is studying to be a Fire Fighter. Once she passes the test she will be working part-time in Washington and going to school at the University of Washington to become a physician. Lauren has been training hard too past the CPAT Fire Fighter's test. One of the test is a moving stair case with weights on her shoulders. That's where we got this idea (step up to step down into lung) so she could get the feel of this type of physical exertion and coordination. Lauren has executed this exercise for four minutes continuous moving.  She also does over all conditioning exercises to strengthen her body like reverse sit-ups, moving yoga ball squats and she can do 50 push-ups without stopping. Lauren had a trial CPAT test two times now and past the second one after working out six days a week sometime twice a day in six months. Within her training we did strength endurance training days, doing several reps with lighter weights than harder days where she did less reps heavier weights. Then we had days where she did HIIT to work on her Cardio Vascular plus muscle building and endurance. We had her doing cross training to keep it fun and interesting for her.  She gained 11 pound and gained 10 inches in her hips. She also gain inches overall from building muscle. 
Congratulation Lauren, your on you way to having your dreams come true. Good luck in Washington.
Step up with Weights Working On Legs 

Squat Off Of Step With Lung For Gluts

Reverse Sit-ups For Lower ABS

Squat With 10# Medicine Ball Coming Up With Ball Overhead With Glut Squeeze
Yoga Stretch For Cool Down Exercises

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